What Will My Future Boyfriend Look Like Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 3851
What Will My Future Boyfriend Look Like Quiz

Questions Excerpt

1. Which personality trait is least important to you?

A. Determination

B. Leadership

C. Humor

2. If your ideal future boyfriend had a house, which would you choose to settle down in?

A. A great big farmhouse

B. A beach bungalow

C. A penthouse where you can see the bustling city from the windows

3. If you were to star in a movie, which genre would it be?

A. Drama

B. Comedy

C. Horror

4. What kind of man do you dream of dating?

A. Nerdy and a little bit geeky

B. Trusting

C. Successful in his career and rich

5. Should your boyfriend be someone who likes to socialize?

A. Rarely, he should like to socialize with his friends

B. No, he should be kind of shy

C. Yes, he should be so popular

6. Let's say someone was robbing you, and your boyfriend came in time to stop them, what would he do?

A. He'll talk about technology or something until the robber dies from boredom

B. He'll smack them!

C. He'll give the robber some of his money

7. What should be the priority of the ideal boyfriend?

A. Me of course!

B. His career

C. His family

8. Should your family and friends approve of your future boyfriend?

A. Of course!

B. Not a big deal for me

C. It’s none of their business

9. Where do you think would be the ideal place to go on a first date?

A. Going out to eat is a great way for a first date

B. Walking somewhere quiet

C. Racing go-karts

10. Which personality trait is most important to you?

A. Kindnessrn

B. Patience

C. Self-Awareness

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