Why Do I Love Them So Much Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 143 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Why Do I Love Them So Much Quiz
Loving someone can be exciting and deeply fulfilling. It can also evoke intense emotions that are sometimes difficult to understand. You may have a partner and wonder, “Why do I love them so much?” intense feelings could have various explanations, depending on the type of relationship you have. It is also important to have in mind whether love has become too much and how it affects your overall well-being. If you are interested in why you may love your partner so much, take the following ‘Why Do I Love Them So Much’ quiz and see for yourself.

Questions Excerpt

1. If they cross your boundaries and ask you to do something you don’t want to, how would you respond?

A. I’d say ‘yes’ because I trust completely in everything they say

B. I’d say ‘yes’ because I want to give them everything they need

C. I’d say ‘no’ because I have my principles

D. I’d say ‘yes’ because I’m scared of what they’d do

2. How do you feel about yourself?

A. I believe that I deserve no good and seem to search for the thrill just to feel something

B. I’ve matured as a personality, and I accept myself for good and the bad

C. I’m still searching for myself, and I feel more secure with someone by my side

D. I sometimes doubt my worth as a person, and I often feel like I’m not enough

3. How do you feel in the relationship?

A. Happy and calm, I can be completely myself with my person

B.  Anxious and overprotective, I want to give them everything I can

C.  In love and excited, I’ve found the perfect match

D. Exhilarated and devastated, it goes from the highest highs to the lowest lows

4. What do you like about your partner the most?

A. Their confidence and agreeableness

B. Their authenticity and vulnerability

C. Their passion and charm

D. Everything, they possess all the qualities I’m looking for

5. How do you like to spend your time together?

A. We may go out or do something fun that both of us enjoy

B. We are inseparable and usually do something very romantic

C. I like to spoil them with something little while they do their thing

D. We do something exciting or have some alcohol/other substances

6. You partner…

A. Is just perfect. I could never want more

B. Always needs more in our relationship

C. Is a normal person that I love with all the good and the bad

D. Can make you feel amazing and then put you to the ground

7. How do you and your partner communicate?

A. I mostly listen to them, as they rarely pay attention to my stories, so I try to keep them happy

B. We talk about our hopes and dreams, but I do not seem to know much about their difficulties

C. We talk to each other about everything, and I know their weaknesses even

D. We may speak in a calm tone, then all of a sudden go into a heated argument

8. What does your partner like about you the most?

A. That I’m living in the moment and keeping it light, always on the positive side of things

B. That I always help them out with anything they need, and try to support them

C. That I inspire them to be the best version of themselves, and vice versa

D. That I share the most intense experiences with them, make them feel alive

9. How would you describe the love you feel about them?

A. As mighty as a hurricane

B. As big as a mountain

C. As nourishing as the rain

D. As bright as the sun

10. When in an argument with your partner, they…

A. Will always be right, as I don’t doubt their point of view

B. Are tolerant and always keep in mind my side of the story

C. Are more likely to win, as I quickly give up the fight

D. Do everything they can to win, even if they hurt my feelings

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