Who Were You Married to in a Past Life Quiz

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Who Were You Married to in a Past Life Quiz
Here we're going to take a look at what would really happen if we did get the opportunity to go back and be our past selves. Would we know who we were? Would we still have relationships with old friends or family? Or would we even acknowledge them? There are lots of other things people want to know, like: ''Who Was I Married To In A Past Life'' is one of them. Matchmakers, ready your digital arrows! It is time to learn about your past relationship. This Who Were You Married To In A Past Life Quiz is an attempt to make the process of finding the right match interesting and fun with interesting questions and results. Let's get quizzing!

Questions Excerpt

1. Whom do you tell first when you meet someone special?

A. To my mother

B. To my BFF,

C. To my dad

2. When you're with your SO, what holiday do you like to spend that time together?

A. New Years Eve

B. Halloween

C. None of them

3. What kind of place would you like to go with someone you're interested in?

A. At the movies

B. At a great restaurant

C. At the club

4. Does your family usually get along with the people you date?

A. Yes, except my mother/father

B. They never meet any of them

C. My family loves them

5. Choose the one;

A. A mature partner

B. A young partner

C. Actually, both of them

6. If you could choose between a wealthy and boring partner and a poor and humorous partner, which would you prefer?

A. Wealthy and boring

B. Poor and humorous

C. I’m not sure

7. We are seriously curious about the answer to this question: Can love truly last forever?

A. Yes

B. No, never

C. It depends, I guess

8. Are you a passionate person?

A. Yeah

B. Don’t know, maybe sometimes

C. I can be If I want

9. How many dates do you go on before you decide to enter a relationship?

A. One is enough

B. u0130t depends

C. Three or more

10. What is the most attractive personality trait you find in a partner?

A. Curiosity

B. Manners

C. Confidence

11. What physical feature do you find most attractive?

A. Neck

B. Smile

C. Chest

12. As a final question: What fundamental concept do you value the most in this life?

A. Love

B. Friendship

C. Family

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