Quiz : Which Emotional Wounds Do I Have?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 355 | Updated: Aug 02, 2022
Quiz : Which Emotional Wounds Do I Have?

If you are stuck at the crossroads of life, where you are wondering about “which emotional wounds do I have?” then you are not in this alone. These emotional wounds could be from anywhere, but only time tells when they will start manifesting in adult life. Emotional traumas could result from a life-threatening situation, abuse, neglect, and financial crunch. When you are going through something difficult, then it is easy to fight through. But years later, the traumas play out in reality, and one realizes there is much to heal. If this is a conundrum you are dealing with, then take the “Which emotional wounds do I have” quiz. 

Questions Excerpt

1. How would you describe your childhood?

A. You still miss your childhood

B. Your childhood was just okay

C. Your childhood was difficult

2. Were there financial issues in the household you grew up in?

A. Yes, there were financial issues

B. No, there weren’t any financial issues

C. You think your parents or guardians did the best they could

3. Did your family members or caretakers ever abuse you?

A. Yes, they did

B. No, they didn’t

C. You are not sure

4. Do you still have any financial issues?

A. Yes, you do

B. No, you don’t

C. You are doing okay

5. Have you ever been abused by your partners?

A. Yes, you have

B. No, you haven’t

C. You are not sure

6. Do you find it difficult to connect with people?

A. All the time

B. Sometimes

C. Rarely

7. Has anyone borrowed money from you and never returned?

A. Yes

B. No

C. No, but you took it back anyway

8. Do you find it difficult to get out of bed every morning?

A. Yes, you do

B. No, you don’t

C. Sometimes

9. Do you like being by yourself compared to being with others?

A. No, you don’t

B. Yes, you do

C. You don’t like being alone

10. Do you lead a healthy lifestyle?

A. Yes, you do

B. You try

C. No, you don’t

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