What's Your Top Marriage Conflict Quiz?

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10 Questions
 What's Your Top Marriage Conflict Quiz?

Here is the “What's your top marriage conflict?”. A give-and-take dynamic between you and your partner is typically essential to a relationship's stability.

As important as struggle and conflict are in a relationship, happy moments also matter. The way you behave in a relationship and how you treat your spouse is affected by both factors.

So, what's your top marriage conflict? You can learn more about yourself and how you interact with your partner by taking this quiz. Let's find out together.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you do when your spouse makes choices that anger you?

A. I would stay quiet for a while and then try to work through the problem

B. I’m not sure

C. Until I make them regret it and even end up causing a scene

2. How do you tend to respond when your spouse shares unpleasant emotions with you?

A. I feel like we are closer and these conversations are preferable to me than superficial ones

B. I'm uncomfortable. I'm afraid of saying something stupid

C. I make an effort to calm them down and encourage conversation

3. How do you prefer to patch things up with your spouse after a fight?

A. Make-up sex would be a great way

B. In order for all parties to act better next time, process the misunderstanding

C. Move on quickly by having each both partners apologize

4. Let’s say your spouse complains that you talk on the phone nonstop. You:

A. Call your friends when they are not there

B. Find out the source of their annoyance

C. Keep going as you are

5. What is the hardest thing about being married?

A. Sleeping only with one person every single night

B. Constantly doing things for someone else

C. Trying to treat your spouse with respect over the years

6. What are some of the signs that your spouse is cheating on you?

A. Truth is, it can be hard to tell if my spouse is cheating

B. If they seem closer with a coworker or someone they met in a bar

C. If I see a change in their calls or text messages, it’s a sign

7. Does your marriage help you achieve your life goals?

A. No way. My expectations and life ambitions have been put on hold

B. One of my objectives was to make a good family. I believe I succeeded in that

C. People's objectives evolve as they mature. I now have more realistic ambitions, and my marriage definitely helps me with that

8. Do you and your partner frequently argue?

A. Yes, we do argue constantly

B. Though not always, it does happen frequently

C. Let's say we much rather have in-depth discussions

9. How do you feel about having children?

A. I'm a little scared by this. I frequently swiftly change the topic of this discussion

B. I have a child already

C. I think what makes a house a “home” is having cute kids running around in it

10. What’s the secret to a happy marriage to you?

A. Communication

B. Good sex life

C. Showing respect

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