Quiz: What's Your Soulmate's Nickname?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 47
Quiz: What's Your Soulmate's Nickname?

Some people believe that there is this one person they are meant to be with.  They believe that there is just one person destined to be their perfect companion and life partner who will bring happiness into their lives and with whom they will journey through life with? 

Are you waiting for that perfect soul mate? What is the nickname of your soulmate? Let’s find out with this What's Your Soulmate's Nickname quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is the physical trait you would like to have in your soul mate?

A. Tall and Thick

B. Slim and slender

C. Average stature

2. What kind of relationship do you look forward to?

A. Committed relationship

B. A Fling

C. Just friendship

3. Where will you choose as your perfect date location?

A. Restaurant

B. Park

C. Beach

4. What are you likely to give your soul mate as a birthday present?

A. A car-

B. Money

C. A surprise party

5. Describe the personality of your soul mate?

A. Humble

B. Hardworking

C. Compassionate

6. What is your love language?

A. Quality time

B. Acts of service

C. Physical touch

7. What genre of music is your soulmate likely to enjoy?

A. Soul

B. Hip-hop

C. Rap

8. What are you looking to get out of a relationship?

A. Marriage

B. Friendship

C. Sex

9. Which traits do you dislike the most?

A. Laziness

B. Pride

C. Disloyalty

10. How soon are you likely to enter into a relationship?

A. Not too soon

B. Any moment from now

C. In a few months

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