Quiz: What's Your Romance Type?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1310
Quiz: What's Your Romance Type?

When you hear about romance, you think about fairy tales, princess gowns, and men who behave like real princes. The reality is not very far from it because present-day romantics love to impress with over-the-top performances, flowers, jewelry, and even champagne. 

At the end of the day, they will do anything to woo the object of their desire. So, when it comes to you, what type of romance do you like? Take our What's Your Romance Type quiz to find out more about you.

Questions Excerpt

1. If you were to go back in time and be romantic with your lover, which century would it be and why?

A. The 19th Century, because after all it is known as the Romantic Century.

B. Antiquity, because people had great ambitions.

C. Prehistory, because at least there were fewer people.

D. The 20th century, especially in the 1920s because people were true fashionistas.

2. What would you describe as the most romantic holiday destination?

A. Paris, because French is such a sexy language

B. Spain because you'll get to see the Flamenco dancers

C. London, because there's something romantic about drinking tea and eating biscuits with someone you love.

D. Japan, because of the culture, which makes you want to fall in love again.

3. Could you be romantic with just a friend?

A. No.

B. Yes, why not.

C. No, because their comments would only kill the moment.

D. No, you just don't see how it would work out.

4. Who are the most romantic people, men or women?

A. Men, because they have so many options when it comes to romantic gifts

B. Women, because they are sincere with their gesture

C. Women, because they can be consistent.

D. Men, because they really invest themselves into being romantic

5. What’s the ultimate dream for your love life?

A. To enjoy ourselves and spend happy times together

B. I don’t have one

C. To enjoy as long as it lasts

D. A happily ever after

6. How do you usually find your dates?

A. Social media

B. I don’t make efforts

C. Dating apps

D. Through friends

7. How would you ask someone out on a date?

A. I make them laugh first

B. I just ask them

C. I would just ask them

D. I get my friends to match-make for us

8. What’s your idea of a romantic date?

A. A comedy show

B. A nice dinner

C. A tango lesson

D. A hot air balloon ride

9. What do you expect at the end of the first date?

A. A peck on the cheek

B. We text after we get home

C. A kiss

D. Another date

10. According to you, in which country can you find the most romantic people?

A. America, because they like big things

B. In India because you can sense it through their movies

C. In France, because at least they can pretend to be romantic by cooking excellent food.

D. In Brazil, because people are pressured to please very beautiful people.

11. According to you, what is the most romantic color?

A. White because it evokes cleanliness and purity

B. Blue, because it's so appeasing.

C. Pink because it's so feminine and delicate.

D. Red, because it evokes sex and sensuality

12. What are the most romantic words, according to you?

A. "I love you"

B. "Surprise!"

C. "Here's the code to my bank account"

D. "What do you want me to get you, today?"

13. At what age do men tend to be the most romantic?

A. In their twenties.

B. In their thirties.

C. In their forties.

D. In their sixties.

14. Can people with a little bit of money be romantic too?

A. But how would they ever afford anything?

B. No, because being a romantic person is like an investment.

C. Yes, of course. All gifts are not meant to be expensive.

D. Yes, because not everyone is greedy and cruel.

15. What are the two most romantic gestures in love?

A. Giving a big flower bouquet to your lover

B. Offering chocolate to your lover

C. Offering gifts every month

D. You can't think of one

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