Quiz: What Kind of Relationship Are You Actually In?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 225
Quiz: What Kind of Relationship Are You Actually In?
Relationships nowadays have evolved from what we knew them to be, but the basics remain the same. Being with someone can start great but end up otherwise. Specific behavior patterns can point out the kind of relationship a person is in. rnIt is, however, not always easy to identify. If you have ever asked the question, what kind of relationship are you actually in? Take this quiz to get answers to your question.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you and your partner are in public, you…

A. Hold hands and chat

B. Just walk side by side in silence

C. Each gets engrossed in their phone

2. Do your loved ones approve of your relationship?

A. Yes, my friends and family love them

B. They do not think he is right for me

C. They do not know them

3. Are you affectionate towards each other?

A. We’re all over each other

B. Only on occasions

C. We are not

4. Are your needs taken into consideration when you’re being intimate?

A. All the time

B. Rarely

C. Never

5. Do you feel loved by your partner?

A. I feel extremely loved and special

B. Sometimes I don't

C. Not at all

6. How do you handle disagreements in your relationship?

A. We talk about it and apologize

B. We yell at each other, and there’s more tension

C. We just forget about it and move on

7. If you accidentally cause damage to your partner's car, would you let them know?

A. Of course, we would find a solution together

B. I can’t because he will flip out

C. I will fix it without informing my partner

8. How often do you communicate with each other?

A. All the time

B. Whenever we're not fighting

C. Rarely

9. When you have a new business idea, would you discuss it with your partner?

A. Yes, because we’re a team

B. I would, but they’ll probably discourage me anyway

C. No, because they won’t care about it

10. Do you feel anxious when you think about your relationship?

A. No, I’m very secure about my relationship

B. Yes, it’s so scary sometimes

C. I don’t think it’s that serious

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