What Kind of Girlfriend Are You Quiz

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What Kind of Girlfriend Are You Quiz
If you’re in a relationship, or even if you’re not, you might be wondering, what is it like to date me? How do I fit into my partner’s life? Of course, you may be many more things than just one, but this is what you are primarily like in relationships. Maybe you are chill or super flirty? Loyal or totally your own person? Find out by taking this quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your best quality?

A. I march to the beat of my own drum

B. I’m there when you need me

C. I’m really easy to talk to

D. I’m super charming and hot

2. When you wanna make your partner feel better what do you do?

A. Well, ya know

B. I listen and we talk through what’s wrong

C. We just chill and have fun

D. I do my best impression of the Queen of England

3. How do you express your love?

A. Through my burps and laughing together

B. Physically

C. Surprise acts of kindness all the time

D. Occasional elaborate celebrations

4. What are you like around your partner’s friends?

A. We mostly stay pretty separate, I hang with my friends they with theirs

B. A little flirty

C. I’m the life of the party, we’re all in a fantasy football league together

D. We get along well enough, I need to know them so I can plan their surprise birthday

5. Your partner is looking at switching careers, what do you do?

A. I tell them to tell me their thoughts and we make a pro/con list together

B. Nothing, that’s their business

C. I tell them that I think they would look really sexy in their new career wear

D. I joke with them that I only am with them for their current career, and we laugh about it before watching our favorite show

6. You are making a major life decision; do you talk to your partner?

A. No, it’s my decision, I’ll let them know, but I have to decide on my own

B. Of course, it affects them, we have to talk it out

C. I bring it up really lightly and we just talk about it a bit while playing a game

D. I mention it right after we have sex, pillow talk is best for serious discussions

7. What do you think your partner likes about you?

A. I’m always there for them

B. They can’t keep their hands off me

C. We just can hang out all the time

D. We give each other a lot of space

8. How do you spend time together?

A. Just chilling, video games, tv, eating

B. How else? In bed…or somewhere else

C. A nice dinner I make them and then we just talk all night

D. We like to work on our projects in the same room and then we come together to discuss progress and brainstorm

9. What do you love about your partner?

A. They let me be me

B. I like how much they want me

C. They’re so easy to be around

D. It’s nice to feel they need me

10. You are planning a surprise date, what is it?

A. Dinner at a bar, followed by a basketball game, before we make our way to their friend’s party

B. They arrive home and I am wearing my sexiest lingerie with dinner on the table, but they won’t make it through the whole meal

C. There is this party that will be great for us both to network at. We go check that out and eventually end up at a late-night diner

D. I create a scavenger hunt for them at the end of which they get a home-cooked meal and a gift I made especially

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