What Is Your Partner’s Most Annoying Habit Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 40 | Updated: Apr 06, 2022
 What Is Your Partner’s Most Annoying Habit Quiz?
We all love our partners so much. They are very significant people in our lives and complement us in certain respects. However, no matter how amazing they are, they still have specific weaknesses that prove that they are humans and, as such are imperfect beings. These weaknesses are probably habits that sometimes annoy us to the core, and we wish they could change or probably help them change. What Is Your Partner's Most Annoying Habit? Take this quiz if you would like to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your partner’s temperament?

A. Choleric

B. Sanguine

C. Melancholic

2. How patient is your partner?

A. A bit patient

B. Very patient

C. Not patient

3. Does your partner always remember your birthday?

A. Not always

B. Always forgets

C. Always remembers

4. Is your partner a friendly person?

A. Friendly

B. Very friendly

C. Not too friendly

5. Does your partner easily take offense?

A. Sometimes

B. Not at all

C. Very easily

6. Will you describe your partner as generous?

A. No, not generous at all

B. Yes, very generous

C. To some extent

7. How often does your partner visits you?

A. Not often

B. Often

C. Very often

8. How do you make decisions as a couple?

A. Always makes decisions for you without considering your views

B. Through discussions

C. Through compromise

9. How does your partner react when angry?

A. Shifts all the blame on you

B. Walks away quietly

C. Explodes uncontrollably

10. How long does your partner keep malice?

A. For a very long time

B. Forgets and gets over it almost immediately

C. Not for too long

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