What Character of Your Partner Can You Not Tolerate Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 19
What Character of Your Partner Can You Not Tolerate Quiz
You love your partner to bits and there are unique things about them that you absolutely adore. However, your partner has some character traits that may throw you off. Do you sometimes wonder, ‘This is not the person I decided to spend my life with’? rnYou may be confused at times and curious to know which trait of your partner drives you crazy. Take this ‘What character of your partner can you not tolerate quiz’ to find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. How is your partner likely to react to a betrayal?

A. They may hurt the person who betrayed them

B. They will not want to speak to the person who betrayed them

C. They may try to dig deep into the matter

2. How likely is your partner to move from their comfort zone to help self-motivated with a task?

A. Highly likely

B. Not likely

C. Likely

3. How would your partner react to an announced visit from a guest?

A. Calm as their room is always in order

B. Excited and eager

C. Losing their mind to put things in order

4. Is your partner easily provoked?

A. Yes, They are

B. No, They are not

C. When i upset them

5. How will you describe your partner’s attitude towards work?

A. Serious

B. Unserious

C. Ambitious

6. How often does your partner clean their room?

A. Everyday

B. Once a week

C. Once a month

7. Is your partner self- motivated?

A. Highly self-motivated

B. Not at all

C. To some extent

8. How tolerant is your partner?

A. Not at all

B. Very tolerant

C. A bit tolerant

9. How often does your partner visit the laundry?

A. Every week 

B. Usually

C. After all his clothes are dirty and he can’t find anything to wear

10. Which of these sounds like your partner?

A. Honk at the driver blocking the road

B. Make fun of a serious situation I tell them about

C. Leave the trash as it is, even if full

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