What Ethnic Girl Should You Date?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 956
What Ethnic Girl Should You Date?
James Brown in 1985 performed his rendition of the song It is a Man's World, denoting that men largely control the world, but they remain incomplete without women. rnAre you looking for a perfect girl? Are you thinking of which ethnic girl would be the girl of your dreams? rnCome along with me and take this what ethnic girl you should date quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your personal weakness that you wish is a strength of a lady you're likely to date?

A. Unsure of yourself

B. A bit biased

C. Can be too serious about life

2. What are you likely to spend your leisure

A. Embarking on a project

B. Learning new things

C. At a party or club

3. Which type of person are you?

A. Positive minded

B. Not conservative

C. Outgoing

4. Which of these are eyes colors do you prefer

A. Dark brown

B. Blue

C. Moderate brown

5. Which will you choose?

A. Dark brown black kinky hair

B. Light blonde / dark brown hair

C. Straight/ wavy dark brown to black hair

6. Which of these accents do you fancy?

A. African American Vernacular English

B. Native English

C. American Spanish, Mexican Spanish

7. Which skin type are you attracted to?

A. Dark brown to nearly black skin tone

B. Light skin tone

C. Light brown or olive skin tone

8. Which of the ethnic groups' girls do you find physically attractive?

A. Black American

B. White American

C. Hispanic/Latino

9. Which of these traits do you love most in women?

A. Ambitiousness

B. Adventurousness

C. Being care free

10. Which would you prefer?

A. A confident woman

B. A diplomatic woman

C. A fun loving woman

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