What Emotions Are You Hiding Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 227
 What Emotions Are You Hiding Quiz?

People fake or hide their emotions whenever it suits them. There are some emotions people wish to hide from the world or even people close to them. This could be influenced by personal experiences or experiences around you. 

Can people easily guess the emotions you’re hiding from them? Take the ‘What emotions are you hiding’ quiz and reveal those feelings you’re hiding from the world.

Questions Excerpt

1. What would you mostly do alone rather than in public?

A. I’d rather cry

B. I’d rather show care affection

C. I’d rather throw tantrums

2. How do you react when you lose something precious?

A. I get broken for days

B. I sweet talk people into getting me one

C. I get furious and frustrated

3. Which of these describes you best?

A. Highly introverted

B. Mildly introverted

C. Bad temperament

4. What do you think of other people?

A. I’m scared of hurting others

B. I resent people who pry into the affairs of others

C. People can be wicked and malicious

5. What do you most desire in your partner?

A. Joyfulness

B. Their ability to spend time with me

C. Their protect instinct towards me

6. What one word describes you right now?

A. Moody

B. Scornful

C. Frustrated

7. What kind of secrets would you keep from your friends?

A. Anything that would get me depressed

B. Anything about commitments

C. Anything that has to do with emotions

8. Your manager shouts at you in the office hallway; how do you react?

A. I’ll cry a lot

B. I’ll probably accommodate their actions

C. I may quarrel with them

9. How will you describe the state of your heart?

A. It’s torn

B. It’s hidden

C. It’s hardened

10. What do you feel before you begin the day?

A. Pain

B. Love

C. Anger

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