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10 Questions | Updated: Feb 25, 2023
Love Quiz: What Can Enhance Your Relationship?

Seldom is a relationship perfect, so both partners need to make efforts to maintain the spark in the relationship. A healthy relationship is dependent on various factors like healthy communication, intimacy, mutual respect, and trust.

So, do you feel something’s amiss in your relationship? If you feel so, take this love quiz to know what can enhance your relationship and make your life happy and fulfilling.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you think your communication with your partner is healthy?

A. No

B. I am not sure

C. We don’t have time to talk, to have sex, or anything for that matter

D. I doubt that

2. Do you show your appreciation for each other often?

A. No / We don’t find it necessary

B. We don’t have time to talk, let alone appreciation

C. I am not sure if their appreciation is genuine

D. Yes

3. Do you trust each other?

A. No/ I don’t think so

B. I am not sure, we don’t talk enough

C. Never thought about it

D. Yes, trust isn’t an issue, but sex is

4. Does your relationship lack physical intimacy?

A. How do you know

B. No, but I doubt if we make love or if is it just sex

C. Maybe, we won’t talk, but not miss out on having sex

D. No, but it feels meaningless. I don’t feel valued

5. Do you tend to check each other’s phones?

A. I do that secretly/ I have caught my partner doing that

B. No, we don’t bother

C. No, we do not hide anything from each other but wonder why our relationship lacks physical intimacy

D. We don’t have time to talk enough, do you think we have time for all this

6. How often do you have sex?

A. I don’t remember the last time we had it

B. I don’t keep a count

C. I doubt if they enjoy having sex with me/They doubt if I enjoy having sex with them

D. It’s pretty regular

7. Do you tend to take each other for granted?

A. Maybe, yes

B. For taking each other for granted, we need to first learn to trust each other

C. No, perhaps this is the reason why our relationship lacks physical intimacy

D. No, we don’t talk much

8. Do you engage in deep meaningful conversations?

A. What are they supposed to be about / No

B. That’s the only thing we do in our bedroom

C. No, for that to happen we need to value and appreciate each other

D. Trust issues stop us from having healthy conversations

9. If you see your partner having a good time with a person you don’t know, what would you think?

A. Perhaps they are cheating on me

B. Maybe the person is the reason why my partner avoids physical intimacy

C. Nothing, I’ll ask them about the person when we meet, or maybe even forget about it

D. Am I expected to think about it

10. What do you think your relationship is lacking?

A. Intimacy

B. Healthy communication

C. Appreciation

D. Trust

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