Twin Flame or Karmic Relationship Quiz

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Twin Flame or Karmic Relationship Quiz

Is your relationship a karmic relationship, and the person you are in a karmic relationship with is sent into your life to teach you a specific lesson? Some people believe that they are kindred spirits who do not meet for the first time in this world but believe that they have always known each other. 

Have you ever had the impression that your relationship, or even your breakup, may be predestined to succeed or fail? How do we know that this kind of relationship is in question, and what does every relationship teach us?

No person accidentally entered our lives. If we learn the lesson quickly, we will either drop the person out of our lives or achieve a harmonious relationship with them. If something in the relationship bothers us, magnetically attracts, and arouses deep emotions in us, it is likely a karmic relationship.
Take this ‘Twin Flame or Karmic Relationship Quiz’ to find out more about it.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you imagine your perfect day with your partner?

A. Making love, cuddling, and watch a movie

B. Making romantic dinner together

C. Going out together with friends

D. Going out of the town  together just you two of you

2. What is the thing that you won’t forget about your relationship?

A. The good moments we have together.

B. The hard times we went through together

C. The first kiss

D. The way I agree with someone, things we did together

3. What’s something you wouldn’t forgive in a relationship?

A. Someone let you down and left you strained

B. Cheating

C. Lies

D. I would try to forgive always

4. How do you imagine your future as a couple?

A. Forever together in love

B. Together, stable, in love

C. Loving each other to the end of life

D. Even if we break up, we remain best friends

5. Which of the following can destroy your relationship?

A. Your partner is cold and can not express his feelings

B. Your partner's jealousy

C. Someone who is insecure and trying to make you less worth

D. Narcissistic personality

6. What is most important to you in a relationship?

A. Support and understanding

B. To be in a relationship with someone with whom I can talk without secrets

C. Seduction. I love being seduced over and over again

D. To trust that person and have stability

7. Do you have common goals with your partner?

A. Yes, we always have a common goal or dream something we always rnstrive for together

B. We have some goals each of us independently but we have some deep rnA connection like magnetic, which connects us and unites our rnpaths, from time to time, something we can always return to

C. Our goal is to stay together, to always be together

D. One has and the other is following him

8. Do you believe in destiny or karma?

A. Yes, I do

B. Maybe there is something higher than us

C. I can not know with certainty

D. Not absolutely, but sometimes I think it is real

9. What does your ideal relationship look like?

A. I am in an ideal relationship

B. Never betray and never leave the other behind

C. Freedom. Burning in passion together

D. Always care about the other person, more than for yourself

10. What do you like about your partner the most?

A. They are always there for me

B. They are protective

C. Their charisma and charm

D. We are the same

11. What are the most compatible traits between you and your partner?

A. The passion

B. We are both protective of each other

C. We both take care of each other

D. Communication

12. What is the first feeling that comes to your mind when you think about your partner right now?

A. Irresistible

B. To guard their innocent soul

C. To put their needs first

D. Immense respect

13. How do you both handle conflicts?

A. Heated arguments that lead to ultimately settling the issue

B. I listen to them intently

C. I reflect on their deep-rooted hurt

D. We talk it out patiently

14. How do you both spend your time together?

A. Mostly romantically

B. Some nice music

C. I like to pamper them with whatever they like

D. Just some phone-free time

15. One word for your partner?

A. Desirable

B. Innocent

C. Cute

D. Best friend

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