You Think Your Love Life Is Great? Take This Quiz To Find Out

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1002
You Think Your Love Life Is Great? Take This Quiz To Find Out
Are you in a relationship? Do you know how well is it going? Take this quiz and find out how good is your love life!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you believe in true love?

A. Yes of course

B. Sometimes

C. Not so much

D. No

2. Where would you like to travel with your boyfriend?

A. Anywhere

B. All around the world

C. On a deserted island

D. Nowhere

3. What kind of movies do you like to watch?

A. Action

B. Horror

C. Drama

D. Science-Fiction

4. Who is your favorite celebrity?

A. Cameron Diaz

B. Tom Cruise

C. Salma Hayek

D. Johnny Depp

5. What is your favorite tv show?

A. The O.C

B. Dr.House

C. Kids Shows-ABC

D. Family Guy

6. The perfect getaway for romance would be?

A. Venice

B. Croatia

C. Hawaii

D. London

7. Name your favorite season

A. Spring

B. Winter

C. Fall

D. Summer

8. What is the most likely reason for you to develop a crush on someone?

A. Because they are hot

B. They are just really cool

C. They do what they like and don't care what others think

D. There is truely something special about them

9. Are you happy with your love life right now?

A. Yes

B. Maybe

C. No

D. I don't know

10. What is your gender?

A. Male

B. Female

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