Quiz: Stages of a Dying Marriage

10 Questions
Quiz: Stages of a Dying Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful bonding that requires incessant effort by both partners to maintain its charm. But, there are times when people fall out of love and do not appreciate their marital bond anymore.

If you feel that your marriage is dying, take this meticulously crafted “Stages of a Dying Marriage” quiz to assess the current status of your relationship.

Taking this quiz can help you assess reality and take necessary steps in the best interest of your marriage and overall well-being. Good luck!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you avoid talking to each other?

A. Not actually

B. We try to avoid it, as we usually end up fighting

C. Absolutely!

D. Oh, we have not been talking for months now

2. Do you prefer spending time with your friends instead of each other?

A. Can't say

B. Mostly, yes

C. Obviously!

D. Spending time with each other is not even an option!

3. Has the frequency of conflicts increased?

A. Maybe yes

B. Definitely

C. Oh, we have already crossed the stage of frequent conflicts!

D. We can’t stand each other even to fight!

4. Do you find your fights uglier than before?

A. Maybe

B. Yes

C. Certainly

D. They have been too ugly and we don’t talk anymore

5. Does your marriage entail emotional or physical abuse?

A. Maybe

B. Yes

C. Absolutely and there’s no respect left in our marriage

D. It did! And, we have reached the brink of marriage dissolution

6. Do you trust anyone more than your partner?

A. Not actually / Can’t say

B. Sometimes, I trust my friends or family more

C. Yes, I don’t trust my partner anymore

D. Let alone trusting them, I can’t stand my spouse any longer

7. Do you two sleep in the same bed?

A. Yes

B. We sleep apart after a terrible fight

C. No

D. We don't even sleep in the same room

8. Do you reminisce about good times in your marriage?

A. Yes

B. Rarely

C. Not any longer

D. There are only bad times to remember

9. Have you two ever discussed separation?

A. No

B. Not yet / We have threatened each other during our fights

C. Yes

D. We are on the verge of separation

10. From the following options, tick the option that matches your marital status the best.

A. Detachment or disengagement

B. Frequent conflicts

C. Loss of trust and respect

D. Dissolution

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