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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1232
Signs A Friend Likes You Romantically Quiz

Have you ever wondered if your friend has developed romantic feelings for you? Crossing the line from friendship into a relationship can be slippery, but it could be a risk worth taking. It would be a risky move, but you might find your happily ever after. Have you been picking up on signals that your friend wants to be your one and only?

Do you have a crush on your friend but want to ensure the feeling is mutual? Take this Signs A Friend Likes You Romantically Quiz to reveal the signs.

Questions Excerpt

1. Has your friend been asking you to hang out with them more frequently than usual?

A. We have been spending a lot more alone time together than ever before

B. When my friend wants to hang out it’s often in a group setting

C. Sometimes my friend asks me to hang out solo but it’s nothing out of the ordinary

2. Does your friend try to discourage you from dating and meeting others?

A. No, my friend actually encourages me to date and is my go-to for dating advice

B. Yes, my friend believes that nobody is ever good enough for me

C. My friend will only discourage me from dating the wrong person, they’re otherwise pretty supportive

3. Does your friend ever show signs of jealousy when you talk about other potential suitors?

A. My friend seems to get tense and uneasy whenever I mention dating

B. We always talk about things like that and my friend never seemed bothered by it

C. My friend quickly changes the discussion whenever I bring up meeting new people

4. Does your friend ever make remarks about the two of you ultimately ending up together?

A. They have never referenced us being a potential item

B. They have joked about things like that but it seems like it’s all in good fun

C. They often say that we will end up married

5. Have you heard any whispers from other people that your friend has developed feelings for you?

A. One or two people seem to think that my friend is into me

B. Many people have told me that they like me as more than a friend

C. Nobody has told me that my friend seems romantically interested in me

6. Do you feel like the two of you have gotten closer recently?

A. We’ve always been close, nothing new here

B. I do feel like our bond has gotten stronger

C. I’m not really sure, it’s too hard to tell

7. How often does your friend call or text you?

A. They reach out to me every day, multiple times a day

B. They contact me a few times a week

C. They will contact me every now and then

8. If you both are sitting with a group of friends, and they want to have a conversation with you, what do they do?

A. They would let me know then that they need to discuss something later

B. They would tell me then and there

C. They would seek me out of the group and talk

9. Has your friend ever made a move on you that implied they felt an attraction?

A. My friend has never tried anything like that with me

B. My friend is pretty touchy and feely with me now that I think about it

C. Yes, the sexual tension is strong between us

10. What is their take on your hobbies and the things you like to do?

A. They have often told me they would like to try

B. They just say how they can’t relate

C. They try with me

11. When your friend describes what they want in a partner, do you check all of those boxes?

A. I am nothing like the kind of person that they typically go for

B. I have a few of the qualities that they look for in a partner

C. Most of what my friend wants in a partner sounds exactly like me

12. Do they ever joke about you both being a couple?

A. Sometimes

B. Never

C. Often

13. What’s their reaction when you discuss your romantic interests?

A. They just smile and end the conversation

B. They love talking about it

C. They say they are jealous

14. If you went in for a kiss, how do you think your friend would react?

A. I’m confident that my friend would go for it and kiss me back

B. My friend would be hesitant and say they respect our friendship too much

C. I think it would be totally unexpected and would really freak my friend out

15. If you need help, are they willing enough to lend a helping hand?

A. Mostly

B. Only if they can manage out time

C. Always

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