Does He Like Me More Than a Friend Quiz

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Does He Like Me More Than a Friend Quiz

Questions Excerpt

1. You enter a room he is in, what happens?

A. He lights up, smiles, his eyebrows raise a bit; he seems genuinely happy

B. He’s a pretty outgoing guy, so he seems happy, but that’s kind of his way

C. He will start rambling, that’s what he does!

2. Do you discuss his love life?

A. No, he isn’t dating anyone

B. Yeah, he brings it up to me a lot, he’s always asking me about other people

C. He’s sorta brushed on the topic, but never lingers

3. You’ve just gotten a haircut, he sees you and says…

A. Nothing, he doesn’t notice

B. “I really like your hair”

C. It takes a bit, then he says, “Did you get a haircut?”

4. How does he interact with you on social media?

A. He watches my stories, likes and loves most of my posts, and he always notices when I post a new hot pic on Instagram

B. He sometimes likes things, especially my more popular posts

C. I haven’t seen him ever watching my stories unless they are about our friends

5. You’re in a bar with your friends, who is he looking at?

A. He’s scoping out who he’s gonna flirt with amongst all the strangers here

B. Me

C. Whoever is speaking

6. Does he act differently towards you than your other friends?

A. Yeah, he seems a bit more vulnerable, and he asks me lots of questions

B. He’s naturally very flirty, so I feel like he’s flirty with me, but also with lots of people

C. No, he treats me like his best buddy

7. Does he find reasons to touch you?

A. We can get pretty physical, but I am not sure if it means something more

B. He doesn’t touch me much

C. Yeah, he sometimes lingers a bit if we hug, or spots a bit of lint on my shirt

8. Does he ask to hang out one-on-one?

A. He does, but then he randomly invites some other friend to join us

B. Yeah, he’s asked to do like the casual one on one hangouts like a movie or a concert or cozy dates as well

C. He does, but he does it with other friends too

9. How often does he text you?

A. He texts every day

B. I generally text him, or in our group texts, I guess he texts me

C. He texts me sometimes, not every day or anything

10. What happens when you mention other guys?

A. He asks me to tell him more about them, and he seems interested in my love life

B. He stiffens and tries to change the subject

C. He doesn’t ask me anything about it, but he doesn’t seem bothered

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