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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1935
 Should I Ask Her Out Quiz?

You may be wondering at this point if you would like to ask your crush out. It is possible that you have already been sending out some signals. You may still not know if you should take your steps to the next level. There are so many things that are going through your mind right now. You might be wondering if you should just remain friends. At the same time, you may not know if your crush is also sending out some mixed signals.

'Should I ask her out' quiz for you to check out so that you will have an idea if you should ask her out or not.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you catch her glancing or making eye contact with you during conversations?

A. Frequently, almost every time we talk

B. Sometimes, but it's hard to tell if it's intentional

C. Rarely, if ever

2. When you make her laugh, how does she react?

A. She laughs genuinely, often touching your arm or shoulder playfully

B. She smiles and laughs politely but doesn't engage physically

C. he barely reacts or seems disinterested in the humor

3. How comfortable is she with physical touch from you?

A. Very comfortable, she initiates hugs and touches you casually

B. Moderately comfortable, but mostly in group settings

C. Not comfortable, she avoids physical contact and maintains distance

4. How does she react after you have complimented her?

A. She smiles politely then walks away

B. She says, “thank you”

C. She smiles brightly before complimenting you back

5. How does she respond to your text messages or calls?

A. Promptly and enthusiastically, with engaging responses

B. Sometimes responds, but the conversations are short and infrequent

C. Rarely responds or takes a long time to reply

6. Have you noticed her mentioning future plans or events involving both of you?

A. Yes, she talks about potential activities or events involving the two of you

B. Occasionally, but it's unclear if she's just being friendly

C. No, she hasn't mentioned anything related to future plans together


7. Does she text you regularly?

A. Not really

B. She messages whenever she has something important to talk about

C. Yes, we have awesome text conversations

8. Do you have interaction on social media?

A. She has not accepted my request

B. Yes, she likes my comments sometimes

C. She is normally the first person to interact with the post

9. When you talk to her, what is her normal reaction?

A. She normally breaks eye contact and seems to be in a hurry

B. She nods her head and maintains eye contact

C. She seems happy to talk to me every single time

10. Are her friends giving some signals that she likes you?

A. Not at all

B. There are some friends who do say so

C. Yes, all the time

11. When you try to tell her a joke, what does she do?

A. She just stares at me

B. She laughs politely

C. She laughs heartily

12. Why do you like her?

A. She’s pretty

B. She seems to have a great personality

C. She is a friend and she’s very nice to me

13. If you see her at a party and you walk over to say “hi,” what will she do?

A. She glances over and says “hi” back before leaving

B. She smiles at you and waves at you

C. She will immediately strike up a conversation

14. Does she make an effort to talk to you?

A. No

B. Whenever she has to

C. Yes, she walks over to strike a conversation

15. What does she normally do when you are with her in a group?

A. She speaks to her other friends

B. She participates in the group discussion

C. She talks to you passionately

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