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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 68 | Updated: Dec 29, 2022
Pre-Marriage Awareness Quiz- Are You Ready To Tie The Knot?

Getting married is an important step in life and one should never do it without taking a compatibility test before. The fact you are in love with each other can give you a sense of security and reassurance, but you may regret your decision of saying “I do” some years later. 

Readiness cannot be measured exactly, but this quiz will give you an idea on whether you should advance your wedding plans or not. 

Answer to these questions from “Premarriage Awareness Quiz” and only after getting a positive outcome start sending the invitations to your wedding!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do your goals align?

A. Yes, absolutely

B. Almost

C. Somewhat

D. No

2. Do you feel safe with them?

A. Yes, absolutely

B. Almost

C. Somewhat

D. No

3. Have you seen hard times together?

A. Yes, and we sailed through them as a team

B. Yes, enough and we did fine

C. A few, there were many fights

D. Not really

4. You can afford to get married. True or false?

A. True

B. Somewhat true

C. Somewhat false

D. False

5. You want a marriage, not a wedding. True or false?

A. True

B. Somewhat true

C. Somewhat false

D. False

6. How do you behave when something is bothering you?

A. I calmly tell to my partner what is wrong

B. I retire for a while and talk about it later

C. I deal with it alone

D. I give my partner the cold shoulder and hope he/she will understand what's wrong

7. Do you mind your partner having a friend of the opposite sex?

A. Not at all

B. I feel a bit insecure, but do nothing about it

C. I keep an open eye on it

D. I become jealous and ask him to end this friendship

8. Do you ever give in to avoid a conflict with your partner?

A. Never

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

D. Almost all the time

9. You like swimming very much, but your partner is afraid of water. How do you cope?

A. He can read a book on the shore while I swim

B. We can have separate activities sometimes

C. I compromise and discontinue my swimming sessions

D. I become upset and resent my partner

10. Your child has a friend you don’t like. What do you do about it?

A. I strongly advise them to stop seeing that kid

B. I wait and see if anything bad happens

C. I forbid the relationship

D. Tell the child my concerns and let him or her make the decision

11. Which thing of the following list would you teach your child?

A. Expressing emotions freely

B. Being non-judgmental

C. Being proud of who they are

D. Being first among their peers

12. Do you like implementing new ideas into the bedroom?

A. Absolutely

B. Yes, although I get lazy about it sometimes

C. It's important, but I am not that creative

D. I prefer routine

13. Do you mind discussing about past relationships?

A. No, as long as we don't talk about this topic way too much

B. Sometimes I feel insecure about this topic

C. No, because I wonder if there are still feelings involved

D. No, I feel like I am compared with people

14. Can you accept constructive criticism?

A. Absolutely

B. Yes, if he/she doesn't criticize me too much

C. No, but I try to appreciate it

D. No, I can't handle any kind of criticism

15. Do you think spouses should exchange gifts?

A. I think it is nice to make a surprise

B. Yes, practical things

C. Yes, but the receiver should pick the gift

D. I don't think it's necessary for spouses to exchange gifts

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