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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 2663
Perfect Girlfriend Quiz
The perfect girl might be in our head but the thought of her being somewhere out there makes us feel very happy for some reason. She sometimes looks like a superstar and somewhat makes everyone around you envious. Or she is someone with great qualities and a good heart or someone who has both good looks and a good heart. We might be waiting for all our lives for her to show up or we just don’t know where to look for her. So, are you looking for the perfect girl? If yes, take our quiz and find out who she is.

Questions Excerpt

1. What eye color should the perfect girl have?

A. Blue eyes

B. Brown eyes

C. Gray eyes

D. Black eyes

2. What are you expecting from a woman?

A. Her to be able to do everything

B. Her to be mature

C. Her to be just pretty

D. Her to be smart

3. Do you think the perfect woman is in your surrounding?

A. Yes, it’s possible

B. No

C. You don’t know, you haven’t looked

D. You don’t want to know because you don’t like dating people from your neighborhood

4. What do you hate most about women?

A. That they talk too much

B. You hate the feminst ones

C. You hate the submissive ones

D. You hate the ones that are too independent

5. What do you like most about women?

A. Their scent

B. Their femininity

C. Their beauty

D. Their personalities

6. What nationality should the perfect girl be?

A. American

B. Indian

C. Scandinavian

D. She should be mixed black and white

7. Who is the perfect woman according to you?

A. Rihanna because she is sexy and fierce

B. Beyonce because she can do it all

C. Coco Chanel because she is tenacious

D. Any woman who has a kind heart

8. What level of education should the perfect girl have?

A. She should have a high school diploma

B. None

C. She should have a degree

D. She should be self-made

9. How submissive should the perfect girl be?

A. 100 % submissive

B. 70 % submissive

C. 50 % submissive

D. 10 % submissive

10. What size should the perfect girl be?

A. Small size

B. Medium size

C. Curvy

D. It shoudn't matter

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