Quiz: Is Your Mental Health Bad?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 169
Quiz: Is Your Mental Health Bad?

Our daily lives can become so busy and eventful as dawn breaks, we hurriedly wake up and get our day going. Our schedules are occupied so that we can achieve our daily targets and goals in whatever endeavors we find ourselves doing. And so, with every rising morning, we hit the ground running and pursue our goals, yet life can be very stressful and full of pressure, and we need to be intentional in taking care of our health. 

We are mostly concerned about our physiological well-being but neglect our mental health. We need to really take good care of our mental health. Let’s start by answering this question: Is your mental health bad with the quiz below.

Questions Excerpt

1. How easily do you get worked out when there is a challenge or problem at work?

A. Very easily

B. Not easily

C. Just a little bit

2. How do you take your mind off your problems?

A. Go out with friends

B. Watch a movie

C. Focus on work

3. What current challenge are you currently grappling with?

A. Loss of a loved one

B. Financial challenge

C. Self-esteem issues

4. How do you react when you encounter challenges?

A. I think a lot

B. Speak to a therapist

C. Go for a ride

5. How easily can people tell when you are going through a situation?

A. Very easily

B. It's hard for them to tell

C. Not that easily

6. How productive are you at work when you are burdened?

A. Very poor

B. Highly productive

C. Just okay

7. How often do you see a therapist?

A. Rarely

B. Very often

C. Occasionally

8. How will you describe your persona?

A. Quiet and laid back

B. Bubbly and cheerful

C. Calm and friendly

9. How confident will you describe yourself?

A. Not too confident

B. Very confident

C. Confident

10. Are you struggling with self-esteem issues?

A. Yes

B. Not at all

C. Not really

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