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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 559
Is She Too Good For Me Quiz
Have you been contemplating asking out a girl you've been crushing on for a while? But you feel like she might be out of your league? Everyone fears rejection to some degree, especially when you have feelings for someone and are unsure if they feel the same. But that doesn't mean the negative things you are telling yourself are real. So, if you have been continually ruminating over the question, 'Is she too good for me,' take this quiz and find out now!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel like she is too good for you?

A. A little bit

B. No, she’d be lucky to have me... I think

C. Yes

D. Not really, but regardless, I know I can make her happy

2. When it comes to disagreements, which of these statements most describes your attitude?

A. “She is probably right; I will back down.”

B. “I know I am right and refuse to back down.”

C. “I think I am right, but she’s making me feel like I am wrong.”

D. “I think we can compromise or agree to disagree”

3. What do you feel is most important in a relationship?

A. Mutual respect

B. My happiness

C. Being a good provider

D. Giving 100% to each other

4. In past relationships, how would you describe the effort you put in?

A. 100%, even when I knew my partner was only giving maybe 10%

B. I need to receive in order to give back

C. I could have definitely given more

D. I put in 100% always and give adequate time to the other person

5. When it comes to the girl you’re after, do you feel your lifestyles are compatible?

A. She seems to be more mature and less interested in going out than I am

B. I don’t really care or know about her lifestyle

C. She seems to have it together more than I do

D. Our lifestyles are very compatible

6. What do you feel should be the biggest priority in a relationship?

A. Following our dreams and goals

B. My happiness/success

C. Financial stability

D. Each other

7. Which of the following is a theme you’ve argued about most in past relationships?

A. Feeling appreciated

B. Accusing me of not being emotionally available or caring about her feelings

C. My inadequacy (either romantically, financially, etc.)

D. Not having enough time for each other

8. What do you like most about your crush?

A. Her confidence and how she carries herself

B. Her looks

C. Her personality and smile

D. How she makes me feel when I am around her

9. How do you know your crush?

A. Through mutual friends

B. I met her when I was out with friends

C. Work

D. Through mutual interest activities/groups

10. Do you feel like she is interested in you?

A. Sometimes

B. Definitely! I am too good!

C. No

D. Maybe, yes

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