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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 18 | Updated: Feb 21, 2023
 Is My Husband/Boyfriend on the Autism Spectrum Quiz?

Do you suspect that your husband or boyfriend is on the autism spectrum? 

It is indeed difficult for any layman to identify autism as you might confuse the traits with introversion.

But, do not worry anymore as you have arrived at the right page. Take this ‘Is My Husband/Boyfriend on the Autism Spectrum Quiz’ which has been designed meticulously to help you identify the glaring cues of autism in your partner.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your partner find it difficult to socialize with people?

A. It’s a challenge getting him to talk to people

B. It depends on who the people are

C. He isn’t an extrovert but handles people pretty decently

2. Given a choice, would your partner prefer to spend time alone or mingle with friends and family?

A. Alone!

B. It depends on his mood

C. If he has had a busy day/week, he would prefer some alone time or with me, but if he isn’t keeping busy, he loves catching up with friends and family

3. Does your partner tend to avoid eye contact with people while talking?

A. No/He does it when he is lying

B. I don’t know/I haven’t observed it

C. Yes, he usually doesn’t look into eyes while talking

4. Does your partner find it difficult to understand your feelings?

A. No

B. How do you know?

C. Sometimes, but I guess that’s a guy thing

5. If you take your partner to a social gathering where he doesn’t know anyone, how would he react?

A. He would sit awkwardly in some clouded corner

B. It totally depends on his mood

C. He’ll say a formal hello to people I introduce him to, and then maybe dig into his phone

6. Can your partner decipher your facial expressions or changes in your body language?

A. Yes/He might not understand my exact problem but he would know if something’s amiss

B. Can’t say

C. Never

7. Is emotional regulation a problem for him?

A. He is temperamental, but emotional regulation isn’t a problem as such/No

B. Yes

C. Hard to comment on this

8. Can your partner indulge in deep meaningful conversations?

A. In my dreams!

B. Yes/Sometimes

C. He isn’t talkative as such

9. How does your partner react to a sudden change in their routine?

A. If the change is good, he’ll happily accept it if it isn’t he might sulk a bit/He is okay with changes in routine

B. His reaction will depend on his mood

C. He’ll be terribly upset

10. Does he indulge in repetitive activities or behaviors?

A. Yes

B. No/I don’t think so

C. Can’t say

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