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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1394 | Updated: Jun 12, 2024
Is My Husband An Idiot Quiz

There’s no denying that a man with wisdom and wit can be considered attractive. Men with a high level of intelligence appear strong, powerful, and cultured. But what happens when your husband isn’t exactly the pinnacle of intellect? You may not want to admit it, but there have likely been a few occasions where you questioned your husband’s brainpower. You may have even asked yourself the question, Is my husband an idiot?If your husband says foolish things and lacks common sense, he may not be very smart. Take this Is My Husband An Idiot Quiz quiz to determine whether or not your husband is an idiot. 

Questions Excerpt

1. How many times do you have to ask your husband to do something before he actually does it?

A. Usually just once

B. A few times

C. I constantly have to nag him

2. For your anniversary, what most sounds like something that your husband would do to celebrate?

A. He would surprise me with a sweet date

B. He would probably buy me something but put little thought into it

C. He never remembers our anniversary

3. How often does your husband use words or phrases incorrectly?

A. He never does this

B. He does this all the time

C. He sometimes does this

4. Has anyone else ever referred to your husband as an idiot?

A. Only once or twice

B. Yes, this is common

C. Nobody has ever called him an idiot

5. Is your husband prone to accidents and getting hurt?

A. Not really 

B. Yes! He’s such a klutz

C. Sometimes

6. Are you attracted to your husband's intellect?

A. No, intelligence isn’t his forte, but at least he’s good looking

B. I am slightly attracted to his intellect

C. For sure, it’s one of his most attractive qualities

7. How often does your husband’s idiotic behavior get him into trouble?

A. Never, my husband is pretty smart

B. He’s always getting himself into trouble for foolish reasons

C. Occasionally

8. Can your husband compute basic math equations without help?

A. Yes, he is very capable

B. No, he is terrible at math

C. I’m sure he would try his best

9. Does your husband try to convince you to do things that you think are stupid?

A. Of course, it’s what he does best

B. He does not do this

C. He sometimes does this

10. How confident are you in your husband's ability to pass a test?

A. Not very confident at all

B. Extremely confident

C. I don’t even know

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