Is My Ex-Girlfriend Trying to Make Me Jealous Quiz

10 Questions
Is My Ex-Girlfriend Trying to Make Me Jealous Quiz
Breakups are hard.  If you have to keep seeing your ex in person or on social media, it can be even harder. But maybe, she’s just living her life. So, are you overreacting?  Or, is she trying to make you react like that? Take this quiz to see if your ex is trying to make you jealous on purpose or if you are just reading into things a bit too much.

Questions Excerpt

1. You run into her. What’s the first thing she says?

A. “I went on this amazing date last night” P1

B. “Hey, how are you? I’m doing fantastic.” P2

C. “Hello, how’s it going?” P3

2. You are both going to a party, how is she acting?

A. Just normal, we say hey, catch up, then we talk with other people P3

B. She gets super touchy with this person she brought. P1

C. She talks about how great she’s doing, a fair amount P2

3. Has she said to you how great she is doing without you?

A. She’s said she’s doing well but didn’t really add ‘without me’. P2

B. No P3

C. She tells me that all the time P1

4. Has she tried to send you pictures of her body with the expectation you will comment on them?

A. No, that would be so weird P3

B. She hasn’t sent them, I have seen some on her social media though P2

C. Yes, she has done that multiple times… P1

5. Do your friends think she is shoving new dates in your face? 

A. No, they think I am being rather crazy for thinkin

B. They aren’t sure P2

C. Yes P1

6. Does she act just way too happy around you?

A. Sometimes it seems like she is faking it, but I can’t tell P2

B. She has a smile plastered on her face P1

C. She seems very genuine P3

7. Does she talk to you?

A. She texts me about stuff I don't wanna hear about, like every date she ever goes on P1

B. She responds when I text her, but not much P3 and aggressive, you're the ultimate superhero.

C. She texts occasionally, but I can’t pinpoint a theme P2

8. Is she posting way more on social media?

A. Yes, she’s talking so much about how great her life isP1

B. She’s always been a bit of an over poster P2

C. She is being her usual self P3

9. Does she seem to be going out of her way to prove that she has moved on with someone else?

A. No, she maybe has, but she hasn’t made a point of showing me she has P3

B. Every time I see her she is with someone and is all over them P1

C. It feels like she has shown off her new partner a bit, but she’s not rubbing it in my face.  P2

10. Does she tell you things she knows could hurt you?

A. She tells me all about her dates, and how much better she is doing without me P1

B. She mentions some things sometimes, but I can’t tell if it is on purpose P2

C. No, never, she seems really careful about what she mentions P3

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