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10 Questions
 Is My Crush Toxic Quiz?

You may have come across one or more toxic people in your life. We can know such people primarily by the way they talk, react or do their thing. When we encounter anything we’ll label a red flag, it signals to us that something is wrong. 

There is a lot of talk about toxic people these days, but do you know how to recognize such a person? Have you ever wondered if maybe the person you’re crushing on is a toxic person? Take the “is my crush toxic quiz”, and you may get the answer to your question.

Questions Excerpt

1. How does your crush behave after they quarrel with a loved one/ relative?

A. They react as if they’re always right regardless

B. They only admit if it’s their fault

C. They ease up the tension whether it’s their fault or not

2. Are they jealous of you or other people?

A. Yes absolutely

B. Yes, sometimes

C. They’re never jealous

3. Can your crush admit when they’re wrong?

A. Absolutely not

B. Maybe

C. Absolutely yes

4. Does your crush consider themselves smarter than most people?

A. Yes, most times

B. Not all the time

C. Not at all

5. Is your crush a control freak?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes they are

C. No

6. Would you consider your crush empathetic?

A. No, I won’t

B. I am tempted to

C. Yes, I can bet on that

7. Do you think your crush is selfish?

A. Yes, I think so

B. Sometimes I think this is true

C. Absolutely not

8. Does your crush ever manipulate people to get what they want?

A. Yes all the time

B. Sometimes

C. No, not at all

9. How often does your crush agree with others?

A. Not often

B. Often

C. Most often

10. Does your crush keep their promises?

A. Not often

B. Sometimes

C. Yes, very often

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