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10 Questions | Updated: Jul 05, 2024
Is It Okay for a Married Woman to Have a Guy Best Friend Quiz

Friendships are an important aspect of life, offering support, joy, and companionship. However, opinions can vary about married women having male best friends.

Our quiz, "Is it okay for a married woman to have a guy best friend?" can help you explore different perspectives and understand the dynamics that might come into play.

Questions Excerpt

1. How does your spouse react to your friendships with the opposite sex?

A. They feel uncomfortable and often express jealousy.

B. They are supportive and understand the importance of your friendships.

C. They are neutral as long as boundaries are respected.

2. How transparent are you with your spouse about your interactions with your male best friend?

A. I sometimes hide details to avoid conflict.

B. I am open and honest about our interactions.

C. I share most details but keep some things private.

3. How do you balance time between your spouse and your male best friend?

A. I struggle to find a balance, causing friction in my marriage.

B. I prioritize my spouse but still make time for my friend.

C. I manage my time well, ensuring both relationships are nurtured.

4. How does your male best friend view your marriage?

A. They sometimes overstep boundaries, causing tension.

B. They respect my marriage and maintain appropriate boundaries.

C. They are supportive and have a healthy understanding of our dynamics.

5. How often do you confide in your male best friend about your marital issues?

A. Frequently, more than I do with my spouse.

B. Occasionally, but I try to address issues with my spouse first.

C. Rarely, as I prefer to keep marital matters private.

6. How would you describe the emotional connection with your male best friend compared to your spouse?

A. I feel closer to my friend emotionally.

B. My spouse is my primary emotional support.

C. Both relationships are important but serve different emotional needs.

7. How does your spouse feel about spending time together with your male best friend?

A. They avoid such situations and feel uncomfortable.

B. They enjoy socializing with my friends and see them as a mutual friend.

C. They are okay with it occasionally, respecting my friendship.

8. How do you handle any conflicts that arise regarding your male best friend?

A. I tend to downplay my spouse's concerns.

B. I address the concerns openly and work towards a solution.

C. I listen to both sides and seek a compromise.

9. How do you set boundaries with your male best friend?

A. Boundaries are often blurred, leading to misunderstandings.

B. Boundaries are clear and respected by both parties.

C. Boundaries are in place but occasionally need reinforcement.

10. How do you ensure your friendship with your male best friend does not negatively impact your marriage?

A. I sometimes struggle to maintain a balance, causing stress.

B. I prioritize my marriage and ensure my friendship complements it.

C. I regularly communicate with my spouse to maintain harmony.

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