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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 1124 | Updated: Aug 17, 2022
 Is It Love at First Sight Quiz?

Most people say that when they first laid their eyes on their current partner, it felt like love at first sight. It’s a common thing said by many, but is this the case for you? rnTake the quiz to see if you found love at first sight.

Questions Excerpt

1. Did you catch butterflies when you first saw them?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Don’t remember

2. Did you stutter when you spoke to them for the first time?

A. OMG, yes!

B. Nope

C. I don’t think so

3. Do you daydream about the first time you met them?

A. Yes, all of the time

B. No

C. Sometimes

4. When they make eye contact with you, do you get shy and look away?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

5. Do you enjoy being around them, even if you two aren’t doing anything together?

A. Ugh, yes

B. No, that’s weird

C. We haven’t had alone time together

6. What was your initial reaction when you saw them?

A. My mouth dropped in awe at their beauty

B. Nothing special happened

C. I can’t remember, honestly

7. Is it difficult to get them out of your head?

A. Sometimes

B. Absolutely

C. It’s not that hard

8. What’s your expression when you think about them?

A. I feel curious

B. I have a broad smile

C. The usual

9. With them, you don’t care about the type and match. True or false?

A. Somewhat true

B. True

C. False

10. Does your body language change around them?

A. Sometimes

B. Yes

C. No

11. Do you feel extremely curious about them?

A. At times

B. Yes

C. Not at all

12. After seeing them for the first time, did you fantasize about becoming a couple?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

13. How did they look at you when they first saw you?

A. Their entire face lit up

B. They were straight-faced

C. They gave me half a smile

14. Do you believe they are the one?

A. Yes, absolutely

B. No

C. I’m not sure yet

15. Have you caught them staring at you?

A. Yes, of course!

B. Nope

C. Sometimes

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