Quiz: Is He My Soulmate?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 32183
Quiz: Is He My Soulmate?

When you’re in a relationship, it’s only natural to question where it’s going and what the future holds. Maybe you’re wondering whether or not your partner is the one. If you want to find out if your significant man is your soulmate, worry no longer! Take this quick 'Is he my soulmate?' quiz and find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he make you feel good about yourself?

A. Yes, all the time

B. Yes, sometimes

C. No, not really

2. Do you feel comfortable sharing personal stuff with him?

A. Yes, I tell him everything

B. Yes, I tell him some things

C. No, I don’t tell him anything

3. Does he appreciate you?

A. Yes, all the time

B. Yes, sometimes

C. No, never

4. Can you see yourself being in a relationship with anyone other than your current partner?

A. No, I can’t even imagine!

B. Not sure

C. Yes, I can somewhat see it

5. How do you handle disagreements or arguments with your partner?

A. We communicate openly and resolve conflicts peacefully

B. We sometimes argue but try to work it out

C. We argue a lot and have trouble resolving conflicts

6. Does he support your goals and aspirations?

A. Yes, he's very supportive and encourages me

B. He's aware of my goals but doesn't show much interest

C. No, he dismisses or doesn't take my goals seriously

7. How do you feel about introducing him to your family and friends?

A. I can't wait for them to meet him, and I know they'll love him too

B. I'm a bit nervous, but I think it will go well

C. I'm hesitant about introducing him to them

8. Do you share similar values and outlooks on life?

A. Yes, we have very similar values and views

B. We have some common values but differ on a few things

C. Our values and outlooks on life are quite different

9. How do you feel about compromising in the relationship?

A. I'm willing to compromise for the sake of our relationship

B. I'm willing to compromise to some extent

C. I'm not comfortable compromising on important matters

10. Do you and your partner share any interests?

A. Yes, we like all the same things!

B. Yes, we like some of the same things

C. No, we don’t have anything in common

11. Does he take an interest in your hobbies?

A. Yes, often

B. Yes, sometimes

C. No, almost never

12. Do you think about your partner when you’re not around him?

A. Yes, I think about him all the time

B. Yes, I think about him sometimes

C. No, I barely think about him

13. Do you see a potential future in this relationship?

A. Yes, absolutely!

B. Not sure

C. No, I don’t see a future for us

14. Does he ask about your day?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. No

15. Do you feel warm and comfortable when you’re with him?

A. Yes

B. Not sure

C. No

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