Is He a Good Boyfriend Quiz

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Is He a Good Boyfriend Quiz
It's no secret that every woman hopes to find her prince charming someday because who doesn't dream of being swept off their feet? It's easy to say that we want a great man in our lives, but finding one who is truly good for us isn't always as simple.  If you've been dating someone, you want to make sure he's the real deal. You don't want to waste your time in another dead-end relationship so maybe now is the time to start asking, is he a good boyfriend? This quiz will help you identify if he is genuinely boyfriend material.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do your friends think of your boyfriend?

A. They can't stand him and want me to breakup with him

B. They really like him and think he's good for me

C. He hasn't met my friends

2. When you're feeling down, how does he comfort you?

A. He doesn't comfort me

B. He offers me reassurance and positive affirmation

C. He briefly shows interest then moves onto another topic

3. Does he buy you gifts or do nice things for you on special occasions?

A. Yes, he is very thoughtful

B. No, he always forgets special occasions

C. Every now and then he does something nice

4. What would you say is your boyfriend's best quality?

A. His good looks

B. His caring demeanor

C. I can’t identify his best quality

5. Is he proud to call you his girlfriend?

A. He seems to be secretive about our relationship

B. He is very proud and always acknowledges me

C. I don't know

6. Has your boyfriend ever cheated on you?

A. Yes, I have caught him cheating before

B. I am not sure if he has cheated

C. No, he has never cheated

7. Does he carry his weight financially in your relationship?

A. No, he makes me pay for everything

B. We split expenses evenly

C. He insists on paying for things when we go out

8. Have you ever caught him in a lie?

A. Yes, I frequently catch him lying

B. I have caught him lying once or twice but only about small stuff

C. I have never caught him lying to me

9. Is he affectionate towards you in public?

A. Yes, he is very affectionate with me

B. No, he does not do that

C. Sometimes

10. Does being with him make you feel happy?

A. He makes me feel very happy

B. I don't feel very happy when I'm with him

C. I'm happy with him sometimes

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