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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 13 | Updated: Mar 22, 2022
 How Is Your Self Esteem Affecting Your Relationship Quiz?
Your self-esteem and primarily how you perceive yourself has an impact on your relationship. Having healthy self-esteem indicates that you’re highly valued and that translates positively into your relationship. Similarly, having a negative personal outlook also affects your confidence and how you’re valued in a relationship. Your self-esteem invariably affects how you think about yourself and the kind of emotions you give and experience as well. Figure out your self-esteem and its impact on yourself by taking ‘How is your self-esteem affecting your relationships quiz’

Questions Excerpt

1. How likely are you to openly express your emotions to your partners?

A. I express myself openly but constructively

B. It’s generally difficult for me to do this

C. I’m most likely not going to do this

2. Do you tend to get jealous when you’re in a relationship?

A. Jealousy is a natural feeling but I try and discuss with my partner to find common ground

B. Sometimes but I try hard not to

C. I get angry over my jealousy

3. When a friend shares their accomplishment with you, how do you react?

A. I’m usually happy for them

B. I’m generally happy for them, albeit, I get angry

C. I feel jealous because they’re doing better than me

4. How much do you value your independence?

A. It’s of high value to me as it represents my identity

B. I value it even though I’m not so sure sometimes

C. The idea of independence terrifies me

5. How do people generally perceive you?

A. I pray they positively see me, even though I don’t always expect that to be the case

B. I’m not sure how

C. I think they underrate me

6. What do you tend to look out for in your partner?

A. An attractive person who’ll provide companionship and love

B. I’m not sure about what I want

C. Someone who’ll make me feel better about myself

7. What do you do when it comes to being perfect?

A. I put in a lot of effort to be perfect

B. I just try to do my best

C. Other people expect me to be perfect

8. What do you do when you make mistakes?

A. I admit and work at it better

B. Sometimes, I admit, other times I lay blame on other people

C. It’s never my fault

9. Do you frequently press doubts, fear and worries?

A. No

B. Sometimes

C. Yes

10. Do you think you have worth?

A. Yes, I do

B. I think so

C. I don’t think so of me

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