How's Your Self Esteem Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 125
Howu2019s Your Self Esteem Quiz
Self-esteem encompasses various internal factors, such as self-confidence, sense of identity, feelings of belonging, and competence. Naturally, it affects your overall quality of life. How’s your self-esteem is a question that allows a deeper insight into your perception of the world and oneself. The regard you have for yourself is connected to decision-making, relationships, motivation, and emotional health. Therefore, too high or low self-esteem can result in challenges in your everyday functioning in one or more life areas. Once you acknowledge that, you can make a positive change. To find out the state of your self-esteem, take the following quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. When presented with a new task at work, you…

A. Mobilize all my resources and ask for help if needed, yet I think I will do alright.

B. Can do it by myself and with my eyes closed. Next one, please!

C. Get very anxious, but struggle to ask for help as I may seem incompetent.

2. While you are working on the task, you…

A. I feel like I will get something wrong and get very anxious about it.

B. Take my time to think and check if everything seems right.

C. Strive for everything to be flawless and want to make an impression.

3. When you finish with the task, you…

A. Have the paralyzing fear that I will fail.

B. I strongly believe that I deserve praise for it.

C. Think that even if something is wrong, it will not be fatal.

4. Your boss comes and tells you that there is an error in your work. What is your reaction?

A. I listen to them calmly, acknowledge my mistake, and then consider how to correct it.

B. I do not make errors, and they must be mistaken, so I get very angry with them and strive to prove my point.

C. I am not surprised and feel very down, as I accept it as a failure.

5. What if they give you positive feedback for the job done?

A. Well, of course, they will; I deserve it.

B. I have a difficult time accepting it.

C. I realize that I have put a lot of effort into the task and feel grateful.

6. How do you think your coworkers would have done it?

A. They are just as capable so that they would do well.

B. Probably a lot better than me.

C. They would not perform that well.

7. When you have to make a decision…

A. I may take my time, but I feel confident that I will make the best choice possible.

B. I do not hesitate much; I know that I will be right after all.

C. I struggle to make the right choice, so I feel very anxious and unsure of myself.

8. Do you frequently express fear, doubt, and self-worry?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. No

9. When in a relationship, you…

A. I have a big fantasy of what my partner and I should be like, and I am always ready to show I am right, as I am the best and deserve the same.

B. Strive towards an equal give and take, feel safe to express my needs, and speak up for myself when something is wrong.

C. I feel like I give more than I receive and struggle to express my needs and opinions, as I fear that I will be rejected.

10. How do you feel about life?

A. I have taken responsibility for my life and am doing the best I can, so I hope for the best!

B. I have all the qualities to make my life extraordinary and have grandiose plans for the future!

C. I feel like I have no control over what is happening and may even unintentionally sabotage myself, so I feel hopeless about the future sometimes.

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