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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 20625
 How to Tell if My Boyfriend Is Gay Quiz?

It may be an awkward topic to bring up, but if you are wondering how to tell if your boyfriend is gay or not, you are certainly not alone. “How to tell if my boyfriend is gay?” is a question many partners could ask for different reasons.

Some of these reasons are valid, while other times, it is just insecurity or anxiety over something that isn’t there. You might wonder if he is staying with you for convenience when he would rather be with a man, even if there is no evidence that this is true. In a relationship where you already know your boyfriend is bisexual, these questions may come up more frequently in your mind when things are going wrong in your relationship.

So, how do you tell if your boyfriend is gay, bisexual, metrosexual, or just not that into you? Take this quiz and find out today!

Questions Excerpt

1. Has your boyfriend ever said anything to you about liking men or indicated that he may have been curious about or attracted to men when he was younger?

A. No, we never had a conversation like this

B. Yes

C. He stated that he likes both men and women

D. He completely denies it

2. On the beach, who do you think your boyfriend would notice or make comments about?

A. The women

B. The men

C. Both women and men

D. I am not sure

3. Does your boyfriend ever make any homophobic comments?

A. Not that I can remember

B. Yes, he has made comments

C. No, he has a lot of gay friends

D. Not really; he just gets mad when people suggest he is gay

4. Does your boyfriend watch gay porn, or has he watched it in the past?

A. Not that I know of; it’s strictly heterosexual

B. Yes, he has

C. I never asked, but I would guess he has watched both

D. No, never

5. Have you ever caught him doing anything online or through an app that made you question his sexuality?

A. No, never

B. Yes

C. Not anything I know for sure, just suspicion

D. No, never

6. Does your boyfriend seem sexually attracted to you or interested in having sex with you?

A. No

B. Sometimes, but it seems forced

C. Most of the time, he does

D. Yes, definitely

7. Has your boyfriend ever had sex with a man?

A. No, definitely not

B. I think so based on what I’ve heard, but he has never said so

C. Yes

D. I am not sure, I don’t think so

8. Does your boyfriend’s mannerisms, lack of masculinity, appearance, or how much time he spends on himself looking good have anything to do with your suspicions?

A. No, not at all

B. Somewhat

C. Not really

D. Yes, definitely

9. Is your boyfriend more touchy-feely with other men than you are comfortable with?

A. No, not that I've noticed

B. Yes, definitely

C. Sometimes

D. Rarely

10. Does he seem preoccupied with other people’s sexuality or seem very interested when other people talk about coming out/homosexual encounters?

A. No, he seems uncomfortable with conversations like that

B. Yes, always

C. Sometimes

D. Rarely

11. Has your boyfriend been emotionally unavailable?

A. Recently

B. Always

C. Sometimes

D. Never

12. Do his fantasies involve other men?

A. I don't think so

B. Sometimes

C. Mostly

D. Never

13. Does he check out other men or women?

A. Women always

B. Both of them

C. Mostly men

D. Mostly women

14. Have you noticed him sharing intimacy beyond friendship with men?

A. No

B. A few times

C. Yes

D. I don't remember

15. Do you feel confident in confronting him about his sexuality?

A. I am scared to confront him as he might be gay

B. I am not comfortable as he might not like it

C. I don't have to confront him; I already know

D. I don't think he would mind, but he won't tell the truth

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