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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 380
 How Straight Are You Quiz?
The world today has become more tolerant towards various sexualities and sexual preference of an individual. People are learning more about the spectrum of sexuality and what suits them the best. Some people identify with asexuality, some associate themselves with pansexuality, and some prefer to not have romantic relationships. It is human to know, explore, and identify with something that they can relate to. Even if you identify yourself with heterosexuality there is still a lot to explore. Things are not as black and white as they seem, as there are gray areas in all kinds of personalities and relationships. On the spectrum of heterosexuality, you could be extremely straight and are absolutely sexually repulsed by someone of your same sex. Or you could be someone who remains open to their options but also instinctively find the other gender attractive. Take this �How straight are you’ quiz to find out your stance on the spectrum of heterosexuality.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel repulsed by Sigmond Freud’s �penis envy’ theory?

A. I am not sure

B. I am repulsed

C. Sort of

2. Have you ever been attracted to someone who was not straight?

A. No, I have always get attracted to straight people

B. Yes, but I never felt the need to do anything about it

C. My attraction is not limited to genders

3. Do you have any secret kinks that you have shared with only a select few?

A. Yes, I have my secret kinks

B. No, I am not very kinky

C. Yes, but it is not really a secret any more

4. Do you often picture parenting a child with a straight person?

A. Yes I do

B. Not really

C. I just want my baby to grow in a happy home

5. Do you come from a patriarchal/matriarchal background and have been conditioned to think straight?

A. Yes, but I do not always think straight

B. Kind of, but I feel straight anyway

C. Not really

6. Are you ambidextrous or do you believe in staying with the social norms?

A. I think I am ambidextrous

B. I have been using my hands in the directions taught to us

C. I am right handed, but I do use my left hand for doing some things

7. Were your parents straight or not straight?

A. Straight

B. Not straight

C. I was raised by my grandparents/ or do not have biological parents

8. Do you think you relate more with straight couples in a movie?

A. I think I do

B. I am more into the story than the actors

C. I think love transcends boundaries

9. Do you cross-dress sometimes?

A. All the time

B. I do but only as joke

C. Not really

10. Do you ever get agitated by changes that don’t affect you personally but help an oppressed community?

A. Yes, I do not like changes

B. No, not at all

C. Sometimes

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