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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 27 | Updated: Mar 27, 2022
 How Should You Deal With Grief Quiz?
Dealing with grief can be one of the most emotionally exhausting things. It can drain your energy, time, feelings, and overall happiness. It can halt your ability to operate, thus leaving you stiff and helpless. However, there are ways to help with grief. Many believe that taking care of yourself, having others take care of you, and letting yourself seek happiness are the best ways to deal with grief. How should you deal with yours? Take this quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Grief starts to occur; what do you think of resorting to for comfort?

A. Something to cleanse the negativity

B. Someone to help me

C. Something that makes me smile

2. What would best ease you in a time of grief?

A. Washing myself up

B. Talking to someone I love

C. Entertainment or pleasure

3. Do you think happiness or some sort of pleasure would ease your grief?

A. Somewhat

B. No

C. Absolutely

4. Do you feel like you need to be held close?

A. Maybe

B. Yes

C. No

5. Would you pamper yourself and take care of your wellbeing after grief?

A. Yes

B. Maybe

C. No

6. Someone comes in and wants to ease your pain; what do you want them to say?

A. I want them to support my self care

B. I want them to just give me support

C. I want them to give me options of happiness

7. Do you think conversation from another person is good for easing pain?

A. No

B. Yes

C. Somewhat

8. Is happiness the key to easing pain?

A. Somewhat

B. No

C. Yes

9. You play a video game or go out for a vacation; is this sufficient in helping with grief?

A. Somewhat

B. No

C. Yes

10. Which of these would easily help your grief?

A. Taking a shower or self care

B. Emotional support from a friend

C. Having fun or something happy

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