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10 Questions | Updated: Jun 28, 2022
How Resilient Are You in Relationships Quiz

We enter into relationships with many hopes and expectations that everything will work out well. However, relationships, like any human institution, come with their challenges. And so, it takes a great deal of determination and resilience to sustain any relationship. How resilient are you in relationships? Let’s find out as we take this quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. How readily available are you when your partner needs you?

A. Always available

B. Not available

C. Mostly available

2. How do you deal with your partner's weaknesses?

A. I accept his weakness and help to work on it

B. I tell my partner he should change it

C. I try my best to accept my weakness

3. How quick are you to admit your mistakes?

A. I easily accept my mistakes

B. I find it difficult to admit my mistakes

C. I try my best to accept my mistakes

4. How do you act when you offend your partner?

A. I apologize immediately

B. I am mostly reluctant to apologize

C. I sometimes apologize

5. Do you and your partner confide in one another?

A. Yes we do that very often

B. No, we don’t

C. Yes, we mostly do

6. How will you describe your communication level with your partner?

A. Very effective

B. Not effective

C. Effective

7. Who sacrifices the most in your relationship?

A. I sacrifice the most

B. My partner does

C. Both of us do

8. Who is likely to compromise when issues arise in your relationship?

A. I am likely

B. My partner

C. Both of us

9. How optimistic are you in the face of challenges?

A. Highly optimistic

B. Mostly pessimistic

C. Mostly optimistic

10. Are you an active listener in your relationship?

A. Yes, I am

B. No, I am not

C. Sometimes

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