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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 28 | Updated: Dec 28, 2022
 Is Your Relationship Resilient Quiz?

They say that love can conquer all, but do you ever wonder how well your relationship would fare under pressure? 

A resilient relationship can overcome obstacles only to emerge stronger than ever before. Whether you and your significant other have to deal with distance, adversity, or any other kind of setback, it’s important to know that your relationship is rock solid. Are you confident in your relationship? Is your relationship as resilient as you think? 

Take this Is Your Relationship Resilient quiz to find out just how much your relationship really can withstand.

Questions Excerpt

1. You and your partner were planning on moving in together but they lost their job and are struggling financially. What do you do?

A. I stand by my partner no matter what. Moving can be put on hold

B. I would be frustrated that my partner isn’t financially stable but I would try to be understanding

C. I would move on my own and likely end the relationship. I don’t have time for anyone who can’t pull their weight financially

2. You and your partner have no choice but to be in a long distance relationship temporarily. How do you make it work?

A. There’s a chance that I stray from the relationship. I need constant attention and if I can’t get that from my partner I will get it elsewhere

B. I make sure we communicate every day to keep the spark alive

C. I enjoy my personal space and would really enjoy the distance for a change

3. Your friends strongly disapprove of your relationship. What do you do?

A. A. We would break up. I can’t be with someone if my friends don’t like them

B. I respect their opinions but I will stick with my partner through thick and thin

C. I will try to force my partner to make things right with my friends, otherwise it’s over

4. Your partner has admitted to infidelity in the past and has profusely apologized for their actions. How do you react?

A. I am hurt but I want to work through our problems no matter what

B. I immediately leave the relationship. I will never stay with a cheater

C. I might stay but I will never forgive or forget that they were unfaithful

5. When you and your partner have an issue within your relationship, how do you handle it?

A. We communicate our feelings effectively then mutually work on improving

B. We fight all the time

C. We brush everything under the rug and pretend like there is nothing wrong

6. Have you ever come close to ending your relationship?

A. We have broken up multiple times but always get back together

B. I often consider ending the relationship but then I decide to stay

C. I am happy within my relationship and have no reason to leave

7. Your partner has an overbearing mother who always has an opinion on your relationship. What do you do?

A. I make my partner firmly choose between the two of us

B. I explain to my partner that our relationship is between the two of us and no one else

C. I can’t deal with that. It would likely lead to us breaking up

8. When you and your partner get into a disagreement, how is it usually resolved?

A. Both of us will apologize for our wrongdoings

B. My partner will apologize but I refuse to admit fault

C. We just pretend like it never happened

9. What would you say is the best tip for a successful relationship?

A. Properly listen and communicate with your partner

B. Stay together no matter how toxic the relationship gets

C. Focus on the good times

10. What would you say makes your partner the happiest in your relationship?

A. Just spending quality time together

B. I don’t really know

C. Having lots of physical intimacy

11. Is there blame-game involved in the relationship?

A. No

B. Sometimes

C. Yes

12. Do you doubt each other’s solutions?

A. No

B. Sometimes

C. Yes

13. Optimism is a virtue in your relationship. True or false?

A. True

B. Somewhat true

C. False

14. Do you both acknowledge each other’s viewpoint?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. No

15. Power play doesn’t come into the equation in your relationship. True or false?

A. True

B. Somewhat true

C. False

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