How Honest Is Your Relationship Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 119
How Honest Is Your Relationship Quiz

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you and your partner communicate like you used to?

A. Yes, nothing has changed

B. Yes, but something has changed

C. No, we’ve stopped communicating like before

2. Does your partner ask you if you’re being honest with them?

A. Yes, repeatedly

B. Yes, sometimes

C. No, never

3. Are you finding it harder to be honest in your relationship?

A. Yes, definitely

B. Yes, sometimes

C. No, I find it easy

4. Do you think honesty is very important for your relationship?

A. Yes, for sure

B. Not sure

C. No, not really. There are other more important things

5. Do you feel like your partner is not being completely honest with you?

A. Yes, most of the time

B. Yes, sometimes

C. No, not really

6. Do you share everything about your day with your partner?

A. Yes, I don’t leave a single thing out

B. I share almost everything

C. I sometimes stop myself from sharing everything

7. Do you think your partner finds you hard to read?

A. Yes, most of the time

B. Only sometimes

C. No, I’m very easy to read

8. Do you wish your partner was more open with you?

A. Yes

B. I'm not sure

C. I think my partner is very open with me

9. Do you think you and your partner are drifting apart?

A. No, we’re as strong as ever

B. Yes, a little bit

C. Yes, I think we’ve drifted apart a lot

10. Do you sometimes feel an odd sense of guilt when you look at your partner?

A. Yes

B. Not sure

C. No

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