How Flirty Are You Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 60
How Flirty Are You Quiz
Flirting is a great way to show interest in someone and requires a light touch. It’s about enjoying the moment and having fun. You can use this ''How flirty are you'' quiz to get more information about yourself while flirting!

Questions Excerpt

1. What does flirting mean to you?

A. Something unnecessary

B. Something I'm pretty good at

C. Something necessary

2. Do you think that marriage is a good or bad idea?

A. Good idea

B. Bad idea

C. Not sure

3. What personal values would you like your partner to have?

A. Their self-discipline

B. Their honesty

C. Their lifestyle

4. How does your close circle of friends describe you?

A. Single and ready to mingle

B. Quiet and reserved

C. Smart and thoughtful

5. What would you rather wear for a first date?

A. Something that feels comfortable than something that looks good

B. Something that makes you feel confident and attractive

C. Something in my favorite color

6. Someone comes up to you and uses a cheesy pickup line. How do you respond?

A. Give them the cold shoulder

B. Laugh and strike up a conversation

C. It does not matter whether I have a relationship. I tell them politely I have someone.

7. How old were you when you had your first sex?

A. I haven’t had yet

B. 16 to 21

C. 22 or older.

8. What clothes do you usually wear to sleep?

A. Nothing

B. P J

C. A nightgown.

9. How would you like to spend your weekends?

A. Hang out with friends.

B. Hook up

C. Working

10. How did you react when you first met your current coworkers?

A. I watched them for a while, then introduced myself

B. Stroke up a conversation as soon as I can

C. I was in a friendly attitude

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