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10 Questions | Updated: Jan 18, 2024
How Do You Tell the Story of Your Relationship Quiz

Everyone has a unique way of telling the story of their relationship. Some focus on the romance and emotions, others on the straightforward facts, and some enjoy adding a little extra flair to the tale. This quiz is designed to help you discover how you tend to tell the story of your relationship. 

Are you a romantic at heart, a stickler for facts, or a master of embellishment? Answer these questions to find out how do you tell the story of your relationship.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you describe how you met your partner, do you:

A. Focus on the emotions and feelings of the moment

B. Stick to the basic facts of the meeting

C. Add in some extra charming details to make it more interesting

2. How do you describe your first date?

A. As a magical and unforgettable experience

B. As a nice time where you got to know each other

C. As an epic adventure, possibly exaggerating a few parts

3. When talking about your partner�s qualities, do you:

A. Highlight their most romantic traits and moments

B. Give a balanced view of their strengths and weaknesses

C. Tend to amplify their qualities, making them sound larger than life

4. How do you recount your first kiss?

A. As a pivotal, romantic moment in your relationship

B. As a simple, sweet memory

C. As a scene straight out of a movie, maybe adding a bit of drama

5. When discussing arguments or disagreements, do you:

A. Focus on how these moments brought you closer

B. Describe them realistically, acknowledging the ups and downs

C. Sometimes make these stories more dramatic than they were

6. How do you talk about milestones in your relationship?

A. As fairy-tale-like, significant moments

B. As important steps, described in a straightforward manner

C. As grand events, possibly adding a bit of flair to the story

7. When describing your partner�s habits or quirks, do you:

A. Paint them in a cute, endearing light

B. Mention them realistically, both the good and the bad

C. Exaggerate them for humorous or dramatic effect

8. How do you talk about your future plans together?

A. As a dreamy, idealistic vision of the future

B. With a practical and realistic approach

C. As an extravagant and almost fantastical set of plans

9. When you tell others about how your relationship has grown over time, do you:

A. Emphasize the romantic journey and deepening connection

B. Give a factual account of your relationship�s progression

C. Add in some dramatic elements to make the growth story more compelling

10. Lastly, how do you see your relationship�s story overall?

A. As a beautiful, romantic saga

B. As a stable, consistent partnership

C. As an exciting, sometimes exaggerated tale

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