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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 191 | Updated: Jun 07, 2022
 How Do You Need to Be Loved Quiz?

Love is a global need. We all need love, but we express it differently because we're all different people from contrasting backgrounds with entirely different expectations. We must communicate how we want to be loved to our partners so they love us rightly and treat us as we expect. 

How do you need to be loved? Take this quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you constantly complain about to your partner?

A. Not speaking to you kindly

B. Not spending enough time with you

C. Forgetting to get you gifts on your birthday

2. How do you appreciate good gestures from others?

A. I appreciate them by saying a lot of appreciative words

B. I make time to go to them personally to express my gratitude

C. I get them a gift

3. How do you mostly express love to your loved ones?

A. Lavish a lot of compliments

B. Spend a lot time with them

C. Buy them a gift

4. How are you likely to act on your partner's birthday?

A. Write a long love letter

B. Clear the schedule to spend the entire day with you

C. Buy your partner something special

5. What is your partner likely to appease you with when you're angered?

A. A I'm sorry card

B. A special dinner

C. A I'm sorry gift

6. What is likely to easily get you sad?

A. When you're insulted

B. When your partner goes on a long trip

C. When he forget your birthday or anniversary

7. How often do you spend time with your partner?

A. Not too often

B. Very often

C. Often

8. When was the last time you gifted your partner something?

A. It's been a while

B. Some weeks ago

C. Not too long ago

9. How do you react to unkind words?

A. Very badly

B. I got over them

C. I am unperturbed

10. When was the last time you showered compliments on your partner?

A. Just today

B. It's been a while

C. Not too long ago

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