Who Will Be Your Future Girlfriend Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 2072
 Who Will Be Your Future Girlfriend Quiz?

People are generally just picky about the type of girl they want as a girlfriend. That’s mainly because men a the main providers when it comes to a relationship, and they don’t want to be seconded by someone who doesn’t have the same aspirations and dreams as them. 

So, who will be your future girlfriend? Take our quiz and find out now. 

Questions Excerpt

1. How old do you want your future girlfriend to be?

A. At least 20 years old

B. Between 30 and 35 years old

C. Between 20 and 30 years

D. Age doesn’t really matter to you

2. What type of job should she have?

A. An entry-level job

B. She must be an assistant

C. She should be a business owner or a manager somewhere

D. You don’t really care what she does for a living

3. How much money should she earn?

A. $2000 a month

B. $1,500 a month

C. $5,000 a month

D. You don’t really care how much she earns

4. What nationality do you prefer?

A. Scandinavian

B. Italian

C. German

D. You don’t really care

5. Should she have specific hair color?

A. She must be a red-haired girl

B. She should be blonde

C. She should be a brunette

D. You don’t really care

6. Should she have a specific eye color?

A. Yes, blue

B. Green or gray

C. Light brown

D. You don’t really care

7. Should she be a certain size? Which one?

A. Yes, you prefer small women

B. You prefer medium build women

C. You prefer curvy women

D. You prefer size 0 women

8. Do you want a very sexy girlfriend?

A. Yes, of course

B. You prefer charismatic women

C. You prefer conservative women

D. No, you prefer submissive women

9. Does intelligence matter to you?

A. Yes, a lot

B. Sometimes

C. It depends on the circumstances

D. No, you prefer women who don’t talk too much

10. Do you have a thing for shy women?

A. Yes

B. Not really, you prefer tough women

C. Just a little bit, not too much

D. No, not at all

11. Who is your celebrity crush?

A. Blake Lively

B. Emma Watson

C. Selena Gomez

D. Celebrities are too out there for your liking

12. What are you likely to gift your future girlfriend on a special occasion?

A. A dress

B. A book

C. Something for their house

D. Anything they would like

13. Do you like to experiment with food when eating out?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. O barely eat out

D. Not at all

14. Which date sounds the most fun to you?

A. A night of dancing at the club

B. Coffee and conversations

C. A church date

D. Just a walk around the park

15. How romantic are you as a person?

A. Not much

B. Just a little bit

C. Not at all

D. I think I am very romantic

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