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10 Questions
 Does Your Marriage Have Oneness Quiz?

Does your marriage have oneness? Do you agree that oneness is the most important aspect in a marriage? 

In every marriage there is likely some conflict, disappointment and frustration. But there is also love, friendship and an attempt to move toward oneness. How do you know you have achieved oneness in your marriage? 
Marriage is the closest relationship most people will have with another person. In order to truly be happy, we must first be whole and experience an authentic oneness within ourselves.
Let's find out if this is true for you too or not by taking this quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you think about each spouse having a leadership role in marriage?

A. Completely agree with

B. Disagree

C. Neutral

2. What do you think about, "Arguing is a normal means of communication?”

A. Agree

B. Neutral

C. Disagree

3. What do you think about, “Disagreements about raising children cause us tension?”

A. Partially true

B. ?t's true

C. Not true

4. A good marriage is a 50/50 arrangement. Do you agree or disagree?

A. Agree

B. Neutral

C. Disagree

5. What is the main thing that keeps the marriage going?

A. Lack of commitment

B. Conflict/arguing constantly

C. Domestic violence

6. What do you believe to be the primary cause of the high divorce rate?

A. Lack of affection

B. Too many conflicts

C. Complacency

7. Self-fulfillment is one of the main goals of marriage's goals. Do you agree?

A. Agree

B. Disagree

C. Neutral

8. Do you split up chores?

A. Of course! Marriage is collaboration

B. I'm not exactly into this

C. For this, we can hire a maid

9. Do you agree with this statement, "Arguing in front of the child teaches them conflict resolution?”

A. Yes

B. Not at all

C. In some way, yes

10. Is betrayal the result of a lack of oneness in a marriage?

A. Betrayal has no purpose and cannot be justified

B. A partner who lacks intimacy in marriage may look for happiness elsewhere

C. Human nature is opposed to monogamy. If the other side is on the same page, an open marriage will always last longer

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