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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 3781
Does He Like Me Quiz for Middle School
Boys can be so hard to read.  You never know if they like you or wanna just hang out with you. Also, there are times when they seem to be really mean. This quiz is perfect if there is a boy you like and you wanna know how he feels about you. Now, this does not mean those feelings can’t change.  But here is a good guide for figuring out how to manage your own feelings and expectations. And, if it’s not the result you were hoping for, remember you have plenty of time and there are plenty of boys!

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he find a way to be near you no matter what you are doing?

A. Now that you mention it, yes

B. Sometimes

C. When I sit down he moves away

D. Well, yeah, I mean we’ve always sat by each other.

2. Do you feel his eyes on you in class?

A. Not really

B. Yeah, and he looks away sometimes when I turn

C. Yeah, but then when I notice he makes fun of me

D. Sometimes I guess yeah

3. Has he asked your friends about you?

A. Well, not really, he knows all my friends well, it’d be kinda weird

B. They wouldn’t talk to him

C. Actually, they did say he was poking around

D. Not really but he has been sorta talking us all a bit more

4. What do your friends think of him?

A. They hate him

B. Oh, we all love him, but just like a friend

C. They think we would be such a cute couple

D. They think we would be good together, but don’t really get him

5. When you pass by him what does he do?

A. He smiles at me and sometimes even says something nice

B. He makes fun of me or just completely ignores me

C. He’s nice enough, sometimes says hi

D. He high-fives me and the rest of the gang

6. Does he ever find an excuse to touch you?

A. Just pushing me and stuff

B. Yeah actually, like if we are sitting at a table his hand often slides over and I feel his pinky right there

C. Find an excuse? Not really, that’s just how we play together, it’s always been that way

D. Sometimes I guess he does, but I guess I have not really noticed much

7. Have you talked much?

A. Yeah, of course, we talk all the time

B. Yeah, we’ve been talking a lot more actually, he’s even called

C. Definitely a bit, just at school and stuff

D. Only if you count him being mean to me

8. Does he tease you?

A. Yes, but I kinda like it, it’s very fun

B. Tease is a mild word…mercilessly mock might be more accurate

C. Yep, just as friends do

D. Not really

9. If you get together for a project what do you think he would do?

A. You know those fake vomiting gestures, that probably

B. I think he’d be really excited

C. Not sure, he might be happy, but he’d try to act cool

D. Get into an unstoppable chatter

10. Has he ever asked to hang out?

A. He doesn’t have to ask it’s assumed

B. Yeah, he asked me to hang out alone

C. Yeah, he asked me to come hang out with a group

D. Not in a million years

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