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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 2601
Do You Suffer From Emotional Numbness Quiz
The feeling of joy and pain are common feelings many people can relate to. Feeling pain is often unpleasant and undesirable, but have you ever thought of feeling nothing? A lot of different factors cause people to become emotionally numb and detached. Do you suffer from emotional numbness? Take this ‘Do you suffer from emotional numbness’ quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you still enjoy the fun activities you used to enjoy?

A. I always try to do the things I love

B. Sometimes, I try to do the things I used to enjoy

C. I’d rather be by myself than to do fun stuff

2. Would you consider yourself to be blunt?

A.  No, I think about how other people will feel when I talk

B. Sometimes, when it's serious, it’s essential to be blunt

C. I say it as it is without sugarcoating

3.  Your partner breaks up with you out of the blue. What’s your reaction?

A. Cry and bawl your eyes out for weeks

B. Ask for an explanation

C. Move on, it's not a big deal

4. How do you handle criticism?

A. I feel sad and defeated

B. I try to learn from my mistakes

C. I don’t care about what others have to say

5. Do you feel detached or isolated from the people around you?

A. I’m always present at the moment and enjoy my experiences with others

B. Sometimes, but I try to put in more effort to be involved

C. I find that I respond and react to situations differently, which makes me isolated from others

6. How good are you at talking about your feelings?

A. I love to talk about how I feel because it makes me feel better

B. I sometimes talk about how I feel when it gets overwhelming; otherwise, I just keep it to myself

C. I just bottle up my emotions and deal with it on my own

7. Have you ever cried while watching a sad movie?

A. Yes, every time I watch a sad movie, I cry

B. I hardly cry when watching movies

C. I don’t because I know it's scripted

8. Do you have difficulty expressing joy and happiness?

A. I feel so happy when good things happen

B. I hardly feel happy about things, but some things still make me feel that way

C. Yes, nothing makes me happy

9. Have you ever been in love?

A. Yes, love is a beautiful thing

B. I’m still waiting to fall in love

C. I do not believe in love

10. Do you make friends easily?

A. Yes, I make friends everywhere I go

B. It takes a lot more effort but I try to be nice

C. I mostly keep to myself and do not engage in conversations

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