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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 27 | Updated: Mar 16, 2022
 Do You Spoil Your Lovers Quiz
All healthy fulfilling relationships have a common trait; both partners feel appreciated by each other. There are many ways partners show appreciation, some like to verbalize it, while others like to show their affection through tangible things such as gifts and surprises. ‘Do you spoil your lovers' quiz will let you know whether you spoil your partner or not through your actions and inactions? You don’t necessarily have to wait for a big special occasion first, you can go out of your way every day to show love to your partner. Spoiling your lovers also means doing something that resonates with your partner’s specific love language.

Questions Excerpt

1. When did you last say thank you to your partner?

A. Anytime I need to. I mostly send a thank you note

B. When the act is super important but I don’t leave notes

C. They must do stuff for me, I don’t have to say thank you

2. What’s your idea of a date with your partner?

A. I plan an elaborate home date most of the time

B. A fancy date once in a while

C. Until it’s a special occasion, I don’t see the need for a date

3. How often do you serve your partner breakfast in bed?

A. Every morning she stays over. It’s a routine

B. Once in a while if I’m not rushing to work

C. There is a dining table in the house for a reason

4. What’s your opinion of shared playlists?

A. I make them meaningful playlists from time to time

B. I’m not a music person

C. It’s time-consuming to make

5. How do you express your love?

A. By buying gifts for my lover

B. By building intimacy through physical touches

C. By verbally expressing my love for them

6. How long was your shortest relationship?

A. 7 - 12 months

B. 1 - 3 months

C. Less than a month

7. What’s your relationship status?

A. Engaged

B. Dating

C. Single

8. While watching a movie with your partner, what do you do?

A. Get a drink for myself and for them

B. Ask them to get you two a drink

C. Boring. Call a friend and go have fun

9. Your partner’s birthday is coming up, what do you do?

A. Assemble my partner’s friends and organize a surprise birthday party

B. Ask my partner for a list of items and buy some things off the list

C. Birthdays suck

10. Your partner is coming home late, what do you do?

A. Clean up and prepare dinner

B. Ask my partner if they wanted me to make dinner first

C. Wait till my partner comes home so you can both eat out

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