What Famous Couple Are You Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1414 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
What Famous Couple Are You Quiz
Everyone idolizes celebrities and their relationships, and somewhere we enjoy associating ourselves with our favorite stars. We admire them based on their looks, attitude, personality, and even the characters they have essayed. We even dream of living the lives they live!rnSo, do you often wonder what famous couple are you? Take this fun quiz and figure out which celebrity couple you and your SO are most like!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel like there is clearly a front runner in your relationship, or do you see you and your partner as equal?

A. There’s definitely an imbalance, but it’s respected and supported

B. There’s equal greatness

C. We consider ourselves equal and don’t really focus on what others think

D. There’s a little bit of a power struggle about who is on top

2. Are you more successful than your partner or vice versa?

A. My partner is definitely more successful

B. We are pretty equal

C. We don’t really measure success that way

D. We both have our moments of success

3. Do you feel like you and your partner work together to resolve your differences in a healthy way?

A. Yes, very few people know of our differences

B. We prefer to show our scars publicly to inspire others to practice forgiveness and healing wounds in a relationship

C. We are very private, but we work together very well

D. We tend to lack in that area. We don’t always see eye to eye.

4. Do your friends and family approve of your relationship?

A. Sometimes they do, but regardless we are committed to each other

B. They don’t always understand it, but in the end, they see us stronger than ever and know that we are meant to be together

C. Yes, we have their full support

D. They think we are toxic together

5. Which of these is most important in your relationship?

A. Laughter and having fun together

B. Unconditional love and support

C. Family and happiness

D. Our children/ our image

6. What do you most admire in your partner?

A. How they love me for who I am without question

B. Their creativity, drive, and commitment to our marriage

C. Their love and commitment to our marriage and family

D. Their success and love for our children

7. Do you prefer to spend more time in public or alone?

A. Both. I think there is a healthy balance.

B. We don’t spend as much time alone as we should; we are just so busy. We do spend a lot of time in public, and we both love the lives we have.

C. Definitely privately whenever we can.

D. A little bit of both, but even when we try to spend time alone, it always seems we are disrupted and find it hard to truly enjoy alone time together.

8. What three words best describe your significant other?

A. Loving, funny, and supportive

B. Creative, driven and committed

C. Selfless, loving, and family oriented

D. Beautiful, caring, and kind-hearted

9. Which of these best describes you as a couple?

A. Pretty and perfect

B. A dominant force

C. The underdogs

D. Outwardly perfect but inwardly a mess

10. Have you ever felt your relationship might not work?

A. No, not in a serious way.

B. Yes, it took a lot of work to make it work.

C. No, we are truly soulmates.

D. Yes, and unfortunately, we may not overcome that.

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