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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 4169 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Do I Want a Relationship Quiz
Relationships can be fun if you crave companionship and a partner to share special moments with. But being in a relationship also requires commitment and consideration of another person’s needs. Is that something you’re ready for? Deciding whether or not you want to be romantically involved can be a confusing question. There are many things to consider before forging a deep bond with someone special. You may even be asking yourself, ‘Do I really want a relationship?’ Take this quiz to find out if a relationship is right for you.

Questions Excerpt

1. At night, do you prefer sharing your bed with a partner or sleeping alone?

A. I value my alone time

B. I’d rather sleep with someone next to me

C. It depends on how I’m feeling

2. Are your friends mostly single or in relationships?

A. Most of my friends are single

B. Most of my friends are taken

C. It’s a mix of single and taken

3. When you see other couples, what is the first thought that comes to mind?

A. I wish I had what they have

B. I don’t envy their relationships

C. I am indifferent

4. How long ago was your last serious relationship?

A. A few months ago

B. A few years ago

C. I don’t do serious relationships

5. Do you enjoy going out and meeting new potential partners?

A. No, I hate being single and mingling

B. Yes, I love being free and flirty

C. I am unsure

6. How important is settling down to you?

A. Very important

B. Somewhat important

C. Not important at all

7. Is there someone special you can’t stop thinking about?

A. No, there is nobody special

B. I have someone special in mind

C. Not yet, but I am open to finding somebody

8. How do you feel about falling in love?

A. It’s not something I even think about

B. I am scared of falling in love

C. I truly want to fall in love

9. How often do you think about being in a relationship?

A. I think about it frequently

B. I think about it on occasion

C. I never really think about it

10. Overall, how would you describe the current state of your love life?

A. I am very happy and fulfilled

B. My love life is fine, but it’s missing something

C. Nonexistent

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